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Information Literacy
Hilena Endalkachew

IPhone 6s: A lively, speedy upgrade by Heather Kelly

2. This article revolves around the new features that are included in the new iPhone 6S and
iPhone 6S Plus that was just released yesterday, Friday, September 25. The first feature
that it includes is the 3D touch. The new screen detects the pressure that your fingers
have applied to the screen, and depending on the pressure applied, new windows will
open and reveal short cuts. The next feature is live photos, which is when you use the
camera to take a picture; it combines three seconds worth of video into a solid picture.
Apple has added a new camera to their new devices, a twelve-megapixel camera and a
five-megapixel camera for the front view-facing camera. The last but not least feature is
Hey Siri which activated Siri without holding down the home button, just by simply
calling Siris name. Overall, the creation of this new device was successful for Apple but
it could have been better such as battery life and the weight of the phone.
Apples iPhone 6s: A Spectacular Phone Gets Better (Found through yahoo
search engine)
Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Release Day: What Makes These Phones
Different (found through bing search engine)

Information Literacy
Hilena Endalkachew
Of the two search engines, I would say that the Yahoo search engine
was better by far. When I searched iPhone 6s the first results that came up
were five advertisements for the phone, and after that were the latest
articles that were posted about the device but they all came from Yahoo Tech
and not websites like CNN, BBC etc. When I searched through Bing I found it
very difficult to find good articles on the topic. The first four results were
advertisements from Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. The rest of the
results on the first page were not articles but more of just basic knowledge
on the device. Through the Yahoo search engine I found better results than
what Bing had provided for me.
Apples iPhone 6s: A Spectacular Phone Gets Better (Found through yahoo search
1. Time: This article was written September 22, 2015 and has not been
updated since then
2. Relevance: This article was the best one I have found for this project.
They went in depth about the features, included pictures, as well as
videos to demonstrate the way they worked.
3. Authority: The author of this article is David Pogue who is qualified to
write about this topic. He is not only the Yahoo Tech founder but he is
also a writer/correspondent for NOVA, which is a show that revolves

Information Literacy
Hilena Endalkachew
around science and technology. I researched about the author online,
and found this information about him.
4. Accurate: Yes, I do believe that this information is trustworthy. Pogue
tested the device for accuracy. The author went into detail about the
features of the iPhone 6s, and made demo videos, and showed
example pictures to help others understand more about the phone by
using visuals.
5. Purpose: Pogue wrote this article in order to inform people about the
device before they buy it, and it was not a bias article. The article
included all the good and bad things to know about the iPhone 6s.
5. Searched iPhone 6s and iPhone

Information Literacy
Hilena Endalkachew
6. The two articles that I found through the internet were more
informative than the journal articles I found through the CCBC
database. First, it was difficult to find an article about the new device,
the iPhone 6s through the CCBC database, but as for the internet, it
gave me millions of hits from reliable websites such as CNN and Yahoo
Tech. The articles that I found from the internet were more recent, and
I found multiple that were posted within the last couple of days so they
have a lot of information about the new device that was released
yesterday. The CCBC database only showed me article that was also
recent but not so relevant to my topic. I was looking for articles that
could give me more knowledge about the device and the new features
and improvements that Apple has added. Instead, I found an article
about how the device helped those with separation anxiety. The
articles that I had found through the internet were all by writers that
were qualified to write about the topic and they were very thorough
which was helpful.
7. I am using MLA format
1. Jonker, D., P.S. Sterkenburg, and E. Van Rensburg. "Review Article:
Caregiver-Mediated Therapy For An Adult With Visual And Intellectual







Developmental Disabilities 47.(2015): 1-13. ScienceDirect. Web. 26

Sept. 2015

Information Literacy
Hilena Endalkachew
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