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CIrculation': 26!iOB
• Getfhe merchant's layaway poli­
cy in wrtting
• Rnd outthe terms of the layaway
plan. How much time do you have
10 payfurthe merchandise arseN­
ice? When are payments llue?W\lat
is the minimum payment required?
Are there any charges lor using the
plan, such as aservice fee?
• Rnd out whether therais afee.or
apenally fur missed or late pay- (
ments. Will your contract be
celled? Will the merchandise be •
returned 10 inventory?
• Rnd outthe refund policy. If you
decideyoudon'!wantthe mer­
chandise after you've made some
or all of the payments, cafll/OU geta
refund? Retailers' policies may dif­
fer. Some give you all your money
back. OtIlern may charye anon­
refundable service lee,and still
others may offer amerchantcredlt
for the amount you paid.
• Checkantthe business. Contact
your staleattomay general's office
protection agency (www.con­ and your local
Better Business Bureau •
whather conSllmern have filed
complaints against the retailer or
online service.
• Keep racMlsofthe payments .
you malreon layaway merchan­
dise. They may come in handy If
you have aproblem wltn the seHer.
• Layaway plans are not specifi-'
cally governed by faderallaw, but
unfair or deceptive sales practices
are Illegal underthe FTC Act.
Check your state attorney
general, local consumer protection
agency, and !/Our local Better Busi­
ness Bureau III find out whether
state or local laws cover layaway
Sour,,: Federal Tnult Commission

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