New York State of Mind New York state of mind, I roll into the City Through the Lincoln

Tunnel, I’m covered like Fiddy My chick to my right, more paper than Diddy Felt fooled like a child, on Christmas, quite giddy Kept the word not herb, now dunkin like doughnuts Wait for the release, prisoners do time, then go-nuts Held the razor to neck, bled from the deep cuts Euthanized felt better, put out like cigarette butts Smell the death as I walk, grip to the edge Overcome with fury, crept to the ledge Lost all the of the value from bets that hedge Rolled to the Hudson, found bodies when dredged Now the whole life is flashing, in the pit like flames Thought I would deliver, if caught in the game One life is ending, do others remain? Not able, now ever, to stake for the claim The lid is closed, crash, the silence like thunder Pine box, Sunday best, let no man put asunder What’s been blessed by God? Crept over then under Nothing but food to the worms, trust? That’s the blunder The City won’t sleep, sleeps next to death When you get that close, can’t imagine what’s next What’s pure like spring? Blood flowing from necks Got to cover your tracks, mistakes left to correct Fog hangs in the air, like sides of fresh beef Chilled, forced to recall, encompassed by grief Steps over the souls never bringing relief Forget the fall, last memory like a blown autumn leaf Deed done, time over, heats up, left him chilly Rode the moment, fell back, and crushed like a Philly Blunts rolled up and smoked on the real “B” Young bulls and ole heads, all gone, couldn’t feel me One bullet left, flipped in the chamber Flew a plan in the night, feed off the danger End of story, so long, torn open by anger No note to explain, love left like a stranger

New York State of mind, the only way to survive Another statistic, dissected, blindsided, not blind Got to stay hard and hungry or your losing your mind The city won’t sleep But you’re out of time….

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