Cell group notes

w/c 14th March 2010 Welcome
What piece of clothing does you life feel like just at the moment?

Find Psalm 24 and lets use it for worship this week. Break it up into three sectionsvv1&2; 3-6 and 7-10. Ask different people to be ready to read each section. Find a worship song on CD to listen to first – and while you listen, encourage everyone to let go of all that has been occupying them during the day, and consciously focus on meeting with the Lord. Then have read out the first section of the Psalm – and allow people to respond by leading in short prayer of thanks; then the second section – and invite prayers of offering ourselves afresh to God; and then the third, with prayers of inviting Jesus to enter into our lives. You might want to finish the time of worship by singing –or just bringing it all together in a prayer

Since it was Mothering Sunday this week, lets look at Col 3:1-16. Pray for the Lord to speak and then ask someone to read the passage out. 1. How do you go about fulfilling the instructions in the first paragraph? What does it mean in practice for you to set your heart on heavenly things? Does the passage encourage us to look backwards or forwards? 2. In verses 11-14 Paul uses the image of putting on a new set of clothes. How does this list contrast with those in verses 5-11? How many sets of clothes do we have in our ‘wardrobe’? 3. Which of the characteristics in v 12-14 is a challenge to you – at home, at work, in your leisure time? 4. How can we help each other to live in the truths of v 15-17?

Look up Matthew 5:13-16. In threes, discuss what it means for you to be salt and light in the situations you will be in this week. Pray for one another to act and to speak for Jesus, and for the people you will spend time with – that they will experience and hear the message of God’s love for them in Jesus. Then come back together as a whole group and spend just a couple of minutes praying short, punch prayers for our society to be changed again by the gospel of Jesus. (Standing up will probably help!) Chris

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