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Chapter III


The research design, subjects of the study, data gathering instrument, data
gathering procedures and statistical treatment of the study presented in this
Research Design
The researchers used the descriptive method of research design in order to
identify the project making activities in Technology and Livelihood Education
under the K-12 Curriculum. It is suitable for this study with the reason that it
provides value of facts and focus attention in the important things to be reported.
According to Garcia and Reganit (2010), descriptive research is a type of
research that seeks to describe systematically, factuality, accurately and objectively
a situation, problem or phenomenon. It seeks to describe what is.
The researchers will use the questionnaire as the main gathering tool to
secure the needed data and included as a part of the research design.
Subject of the Study
The researcher will utilize grade 10 students from selected public secondary
schools at Rosario District, Division of Batangas during the school year 20152016. The selected public secondary schools are Alupay National High School,

Baybayin National High School, Itlugan National High School and Rosario
National High School.
Data Gathering Instrument
The instrument that will be used in this study is the questionnaire prepared
by the researchers. The questionnaire is consisting of four variables: usefulness,
creativity, practicality and economy.
Construction of the Questionnaires. The researchers will prepare the
instrument through reading books and other related study. From this, the
researchers will conceptualize the draft of the instrument. After the preparation of
the first draft, the questionnaire will be presented to the adviser for comments,
suggestions and revisions. The researchers made the necessary revisions and
prepared copies for validation.
The questionnaire had two parts. The first part of the questionnaire will ask
the different projects undertaken in TLE subjects among the selected public
secondary schools students. The second part will give emphasis with the different
variables given in the present study.
Validation of the Questionnaire. To establish the validity and reliability of
the instrument, the researchers will prepare a letter requesting for the validation.
When the letter approved by the adviser, the researchers provided copies for the
Associate Dean of CTE, language instructor, TLE teacher in Batangas State

University and different principals in selected public secondary schools at Rosario

District, Division of Batangas. The results of validation will be consider. After
ensuring the validity of the test items, the researchers will prepare for
Administration of the Questionnaire. After the validation of the
questionnaire, the researchers will prepare a letter of request noted by their
advisers asking for the administration of the instrument among the respondents.
Afterward the letter will be presented to the principals of target schools for the
utilization of the students as the respondents of this study. After the principals
approved the request, the researchers themselves will distribute the questionnaire
to the respondents. The researchers will explain the directions and content of the
questionnaire and motivate them to give the honest answer.
Scoring of Responses. When the answered questionnaires will be retrieve,
the researchers made a matrix in which the students answers will be tallied one by
one. The use of the scale below determine the analysis and interpretation of the


Verbal Interpretation


Very Great Extent


Great Extent


Moderate Extent


Least Extent


Not Observe

Data Gathering Procedure

The researchers will determine the total number of grade 10 students in
selected public secondary schools in Rosario District for the computation of total
respondents of the study. The researchers will prepare request letter for the
distribution of questionnaires and submitted it to the thesis adviser for comments
and suggestions. The letter will be revise and seek the approval of the adviser once
again. Upon approval, the researchers will go to the schools to present the request
letter. The researchers will go to the principals office to get the permission to
administer the questionnaire. Upon approval, the researchers will distribute the
questionnaires to the selected number of grade 10 students. Then, the data will be
tallied using the matrix given by the statistician.
Statistical Treatment of Data
The various data gathered will be analyze in order to answer the proposed
questions. Statistical tools will use in the study are follows:
Frequency. This shows the total number or distribution of the respondents
on the variable which we will use to gather information.
Percentage. This will be used to gather information on the variables that
the researcher use for the respondents.

Ranking. This will be used to describe the order of position use in

describing the criteria of project making activities in TLE subject.
Weighted Mean. This will be used to determine the criteria in project
making activities in TLE subject.