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Industrial Zones in Pakistan

Q. Write about 3 Industrial Zones in Pakistan and what

facilities are being provided there?

Sundar Industrial Estate

The first site has been acquired on Sundar Raiwind Road, 25 km

south of Lahore comprising 1500 acres of barren land. This
Industrial Estate includes facilities for Textile, Engineering,
Electronics, General Industry, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals and Food

This is the first of its kind Mega visionary project in Pakistan with
well planned state of the art infrastructure and services based on
need assessment survey from existing industrialists.

The newly-developed Sundar Industrial Estate (SIE) have state-of-

the-art infrastructure and it provides the latest facilities to the plot
owners. The Plan is to provide estate owned electricity at
economical rate of Rs 3 to 3.5 per unit to industries located in the
Sundar Industrial Estate.

Economic Benefits of Sundar industrial estate

(Written by Shazia Mehmood Khan on 19th March 2007)

♦ It will generate 700,000 additional jobs, which will help accelerate the
pace of industrialization in the country.
♦ Increase government revenues.
♦ Reduce increasing ratios of poverty and regional disparities.
♦ Enhance the volumes of textiles production and exports in the days to
♦ It would bring Pakistan on par with countries like Malaysia.
♦ It would increase province’s role in national exports in three areas.
♦ It would attract Rs30 billion investments in the Sundar industrial estate
which may create around 600,000 jobs.
♦ Chinese (the Governor of Hanan Province) and many other regional
countries have already shown keen interest to invest in Sundar
industrial estate for the setting up of different industries in the near
♦ Expatriates too have started showing interest in investing here after
seeing the response of Pakistani investors towards the Sundar estate.
♦ Construction of 105 factories is under way at an accelerated pace.
♦ More than 150 pharmaceutical, 135 textile and garment industries, 60
engineering and dozens of other industries have been established in
the SIE.
♦ A labour colony is also being constructed there to provide residential
facilities to the workers. Likewise, quality education and health
facilities would also be provided to the inhabitants of the SIE.
♦ It would have its own electricity production system whereas a water
treatment plant is also being installed there to ensure provision of
clean drinking water facilities to the inhabitants.

M-3 Industrial City

M-3 Industrial City is the largest industrial estate in Pakistan.

Strategically located on Motorway M-3 South near Faisalabad,
Pakistan, this industrial estate provides the highest level of
international infrastructure and is attracting massive local and
foreign investments.

M-3 Industrial City is more than just an industrial estate to set up an

industrial outfit, Undoubtedly it is the best place in Pakistan where
you can do business with peace of mind, a world class environment,
needed for competing in a global market studded with increasing
compliances requirements, All its phases have been planned
keeping in view the function parameters needed for efficient and
smooth productivity of industrial units.

The vast area of M-3 Industrial City is distributed in various zones,

depending on environmental compatibility. It provides each
industrial sector an access to specific set of facilities required for
that particular industry.

Each sector has been planned as a self-contained cluster of

industries with amenities and infrastructure. Care has been taken to
locate friendly industries nearer to each other while also keeping in
view the effluent disposal and solid waste management. The
planning pattern is such that two or more plots may be
amalgamated if needed, to form a bigger land area.

Gwadar Industrial Estate

Government of Balouchistan launched free port Industrial zone at

Gwadar about 38 Km from Main Jinnah Avenue. Due to huge
demand and non-availability of land in the existing Shanakani Dar-
E.P.Z (Export Processing Zone), the Gwadar Development Authority
announced this project at Karwaat area in Gwadar. This Govt.
Project is consisting of 2000-acres of land for industry purpose at
the cost of Rs 15 lakh per acre. In 1st Phase Govt. of Balochistan has
only allotted 1000-acres land for industrial purpose and its 2nd
Phase is kept for expansion in future.

Proposed Benefits of Gwadar Industrial Estate

1. Provision of Employment to 200,000 people

2. Tax and Duties relaxation
3. Separate Grid Station for Electricity
4. Water Purification Plant
5. 16 KM road network within the Estate

It is another superb project by Govt. of Balochistan. 1st One was

Sangar, 2nd Newtown and this Free port Industrial Estate is the 3rd
Government Project. We suggest investors to make investments in
this Industrial Estate, for better prospects and business avenues.
The project is secure, and much more economical than any other
Private Industrial schemes announced. GIE project is close to an
early completion, and the shortage of Industrial/Warehouse plots
has increased the Premium on the plots price. Industrialists,
Investors who were initially allotted plots are now (Feb'07) asking 4-
5 lakh Rupees premium on the booking price.


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