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Flash Tutorial

Flash Tutorial

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Published by: Haveit12 on Mar 17, 2010
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First, you’ll open the start file for the lesson and set up your workspace to use an optimal layout
for taking lessons.

1.To open your start file, in Flash select File > Open and navigate to the file:

On Windows 2000 or XP, browse to boot drive\ Documents and Settings\All
Users\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash MX 2004\language\Configuration\ HelpPanel\
HowDoI\ QuickTasks\start_files and double-click accessibility_start.fla.

Note: If the Application Data folder is hidden, you’ll need to change your Windows Explorer
settings to see the folder.

On Windows 98, browse to boot drive\Windows\ Application Data\Macromedia\Flash MX
2004\language\Configuration\HelpPanel\ HowDoI\QuickTasks\start_files and double-click

On Macintosh, browse to Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/Application Support/Macromedia/
Flash MX 2004/language/Configuration/HelpPanel/HowDoI/QuickTasks/start_files and
double-click accessibility_start.fla.

2.Select File > Save As and save the document with a new name, in the same folder, to preserve
the original start file.

Note: As you complete this lesson, remember to save your work frequently.

3.Select Window > Panel Sets > Training Layout to modify your workspace for taking lessons.

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