Figures of speech

Activity 1 (one word answers)

Grade 6

Identify the figure of speech used in the sentences below. Write only the answer in the space provided. 1 I’m so tired because I’ve been working like a dog. _____________________ 2 The bright stars danced in the cloudless night sky. _____________________ 3 4 5 She wacked the mosquito on the wall, splat! _________________________ We all the hissing of the fireworks. ______________________ He is a bolt of lightning! ____________________ (5)

Activity 2 (fill in the missing words) Fill in the missing words in the following sentences, to make it similes. 1 2 My dad is as brave as a _______________. My mum, on the other hand is as gentle as a __________________.

3 My sister was so proud of her achievement, just like a _________________. 4 My grandpa gives the best advice; he is as wise as an _________________.


The tall boy ran like the __________________. (5)

Activity 3 (paragraph)

“My dad is a lion!”
 Use the metaphor above to describe your dad, in a paragraph of 5

lines.  Remember to use only this metaphor and extend it in the paragraph.  Begin all sentences with a capital letter and end with a full stop. (5) ============================================== ============================= Memo

Activity 1
1 Simile 2 Personification 3 Onomatopoeia 4 Onomatopoeia 5 Metaphor (5)

Activity 2
1 lion 2 lamb 3 peacock 4 owl 5 wind (5)

Activity 3
Learners’ paragraphs will differ, but reference should be made to some of the few common characteristics of a lion and a dad. It could include some of the following: • • • •

Bravery Size Protective nature Roars (shouts) Physical attributes: claws and paws (5)

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