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David Boulton

EDC 270
M7A1: Technology-Based Lesson Plan: Middle School
Lesson: ELA/Social Studies/Geography: Visit My State
Grade-level: 7th
Duration: 60 minutes
Content standards: Integrate visual information (e.g., in charts, graphs, photographs, videos, or
maps) with other information in print and digital texts. (68.RH.7)
Lesson objectives: SWBAT use an internet search engine to locate at least three suitable sources for
their chosen State; SWBAT produce a plan for a multimedia presentation of at least six slides,
integrating media from at least three online sources and a voice-over presentation of approximately 2
Anticipatory set: Hook students with clip from Family Guy featuring the characters' recreation of the
Spirit of Massachusetts tourism video. Show students an Arizona Office of Tourism video. Ask students
to discuss the images that are shown and suggest their purpose. State that they will be producing a
commercial presentation for a state of their choice.
Teaching-input: Explore the the Arizona video, pausing to notice: types of images used; types of
activities shown; type of music being played; the feeling created by the video. Show students Google
results for appropriate search terms such as Colorado tourism and visit Colorado. Remind students
of the purpose of commercial videos.
Teaching-modeling: Explore search results for Colorado, asking students to identify recurring themes
and features. Make notes about some of the specific attractions that I would include in a presentation
about Colorado. Develop a list of descriptive words and phrases that could be integrated into the
Checking for understanding: Allow students to begin research on their chosen or given State.
Circulate as students decide on sources that are (un)suitable for their presentation. Ask students to
describe to the class a source that they have located and why, or why not, they will be using it in their
Closure: Remind students that the chosen media and their spoken presentations go side by side in this
task. Reiterate that the purpose of advertising is to promote a product, and in this case the produce is
their chosen State.
Independent practice: Students continue to locate their sources, draft their voice-over script, and plan
Assessment: Students's finished multimedia presentations will be played to the class. Students will
answer questions and engage in discussion with the class about their chosen sources and the focus of
their narrative.

Differentiation: More advanced students will be asked to design their presentation for a specific
demographic, and will be asked during the presentation to justify their choices in the context of their
specific audience; may integrate additional sources if appropriate. Lower-ability students will be
assigned States with consistent/homeogenous tourism themes (i.e. not California) and/or be directed to
specific sources as necessary; these students will be provided with appropriate scaffolding for
formulating their voice-over portion.
21st Century learning: Use of internet for research and multimedia presentation to communicate
findings. Use of communication for a defined purpose; class discussions, defense and justification of
strategic choices.