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There are cases of unattended electrical appliances causing fire disasters. The study
provides a way in checking these appliances to avoid that problem. Its primary objective is to
design a system that remotely monitors and controls the on- or off- statuses of appliances. It is
constructed by integrating XBee modules on a plug-in socket in a wireless-mesh topology. The
Arduino microcontroller converts the statuses to strings and the raspberry pi posts these strings
to Twitter via the internet. With this, users can access the updates and control the switching
via smartphones. The researchers guaranteed ninety-nine percent accuracy of the system by
conducting z score analysis on thirty trials of each test network configuration where the plugins 1, 2 and 3 are: (a) not available; (b) available but switched off; (c) available and switched
on but the appliance are off; (d) available and the appliances are on; (e) in off-state and will be
switched on; (f) in on-state and will be switched off.

Keywords: Arduino, Xbee, Raspberry Pi, Twitter, Fire