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This resume focuses on your skills. Chronological Resume. consider your skills and experience. Example: Working as a Camp Counselor might not relate to your chosen career field. Example: Computer/Technical Knowledge.Emphasizes functions or areas of skill When to use this format… When not to use this format…  Have performed specific skills in past jobs  Changing career goals or work  Skills and experience are limited focus  Want to emphasize employment history  Have been out of the job market for a while  Name of last employer is important  Changed employers  Job history shows growth & development frequently Targeted Resume.” These are skills that could be used in future positions. When choosing a resume format.Organizes information chronologically & emphasizes education.RESUMES Purpose Your resume is a marketing tool used to outline your qualifications to potential employers. The format you choose should draw attention to your qualifications and attract a potential employer’s interest. Format There are several ways to format your resume. abilities and knowledge/education and should be used when working with Valencia’s Internship and Placement Office.Highlights capabilities. etc. skills and supporting accomplishments for a specific job When to use this format… When not to use this format…  Very clear about job direction or skill focus  Unsure of the type of job interested in  Willing to write a resume for each target job  Only want one all-purpose resume  Have the required skills. skills and abilities that match the needs of the employer/career field. and fostering relationships with “campers/customers. and choose the format that best highlights your qualifications.  Focus on your knowledge. Communication Skills. facilitating activities. career growth and work experience When to use this format… When not to use this format…  Staying in the same field as past jobs  Changed employers frequently  Job history shows growth & development  Changing career goals or work focus  Name of last employer is impressive  Want to de-emphasize dates  Want to emphasize employment history  Absent from job market for a while Functional Resume. experience and qualifications as they relate to a particular occupation or internship. but not necessarily a  Uncertain of skills and capabilities long work history  Limited experience and/or skills Internship Resume. .  Analyze each work or volunteer experience so that you can explain to an employer what knowledge and skills you have gained. but Camp Counselors learn “transferable” skills such as managing groups of people. Leadership Training. It is a summary of your skills.

USE PASSIVE PHRASES Use action verbs to help emphasize your accomplishments rather than passively listing your job duties or responsibilities. family status. Use short phrases or bullets to highlight key points. For example. communication and teamwork skills. Make sure it reflects the professional image you want to convey! PROOFREAD & EDIT Have someone else review your resume to check for errors or awkward phrasing. and leadership experiences are all valid. participation in campus or community organizations. Don’t: INCLUDE IRRELEVANT INFORMATION Leave out irrelevant information such as personal interests. LIST REFERENCES ON RESUME References should be listed on a separate page and provided on request. (See list on page 3) USE HIGH SCHOOL INFORMATION High school information is ancient history to recruiters. Valuable transferable skills can be learned and practiced through volunteer and extracurricular experiences. Limit your resume to one page. Consistency shows that you are detail oriented. “Decreased costs by 20%) BE HONEST & ACCURATE Convey your qualifications in a positive light without embellishment or exaggeration. an important skill in most occupations. save details for your cover letter and/or interview. BE CONSISTENT Be consistent with all formatting. Employers often advertise a “wish list” of qualifications and don’t necessarily expect applicants to have them all. and salary requirements. Demonstrate results of your efforts by including figures wherever possible. Be as accurate as possible without selling your skills short. organizational. OVERLOOK EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Experience gained during volunteer work. LABEL THE DOCUMENT “RESUME” It will be clear to the reviewer that this is your resume. CREATE A PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE The employer’s first impression of you is based on your resume. Make sure your references have current copies of your resume so that they can speak knowledgeably on your behalf. Consider including class projects that highlight your skills or show experience implementing concepts into real-world applications.RESUME DO’s AND DON’Ts Do: BE CONCISE Your resume should be an outline of your experience (including internship and volunteer experience). Bring your resume to the Career Center for critiquing by a Career Advisor. EXAGGERATE You may be asked to expound on any information you include in your resume. then you should italicize all job titles. qualifications and education. Include only information pertinent to your jobrelated qualifications. Stick to career-related and educationrelated accomplishments during college. include it as a separate page or address it in your cover letter. Two page resumes are applicable only if you have extensive experience or education TARGET RESUME Think about what is important in your field. Inform your references each time you submit their contact information to an employer. communicate relevant skills and accomplishments. (Ex. Emphasize leadership. if you italicize one job title. INCLUDE SALARY INFORMATION If a company requires a salary history. . Save discussion on this topic until after the employer has introduced the subject. HIGHLIGHT SKILLS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS Instead of simply listing job duties.

When writing a functional resume you should consider your own skills and the skills required for the position you are seeking. Example: Write newsletters and compose email messages for distribution to members Achieve Accomplish Create Delegate Handle Identify Proficient in Recommend Adapt Administer Advise Analyze Apply Approve Arrange Assist Attain Audit Budget Build Deliver Demonstrate Design Detect Determine Develop Dispense Direct Edit Eliminate Employ Engage in Implement Improve Increase Influence Initiate Instruct Interpret Invent Lead Log Maintain Motivate Record Recruit Reduce Regulate Reorganize Represent Research Revise Review Schedule Secure Select Calculate Collect Complete Conduct Construct Consult Control Contribute Convert Convince Coordinate Correspond Engineer Establish Evaluate Examine Execute Expand Expedite Facilitate Formulate Fulfill Generate Guide Negotiate Obtain Operate Organize Perform Plan Prepare Preside Process Produce Propose Provide Sell Serve Set up Solve Strengthen Supervise Support Teach Test Train Train Utilize Write CATEGORIES FOR FUNCTIONAL RESUMES The following list outlines categories that are commonly used in functional resumes and is designed to help you brainstorm skill sets that you may have used in past positions. Accounting/Auditing Consulting Office Management Administrative Budgeting/Bookkeeping Leadership Marketing/Public Relations Research & Analysis Sales Business Development Management Supervisory Case Management Problem Solving Teaching Customer Service Communication Professional Development Project Management Technical/Computer Training/Staff Development .ACTION VERBS FOR RESUMES Each description/bullet point should begin with an action verb.

Once you have created a draft of your documents. BOLD. Assisted.  Only include GPA if over a 3.  Margins should be no smaller than 0.5 on all sides. Coordinated).0.  If you have to upload your resume online or email a potential employer a copy of your resume it is important you save it as a PDF first. Staples. contact your Career Center to have them reviewed by our staff.g.  Save your resume with a personalized title (e.  Avoid using abbreviations. etc.). Coordinate).  Be consistent with verb tenses.  Put the most recent information first.g. Italics.g. Wal-Mart. .g.  Use emphasis formatting (e.HELPFUL RESUME TIPS  Print on high-quality “Resume Paper” (purchase at the Valencia Bookstore. If necessary. Jane Smith Resume) so employers can easily identify your document.  Absolutely NO typos or grammatical errors. Underlining) consistently and sparingly. This ensures the resume can be opened and viewed without the format changing. Use present tense for current positions (e. only use common abbreviations such as “FL” for Florida.  List your most current job/degree/activity first and then work backwards by date. Assist. use past tense for positions you are no longer involved with (e.  Use a font size no smaller than 10pt.

Treasurer September 2013 – Present  Manage finances and allocate funds to various student organizations Meals on Wheels. Spring 2016 Florida Bright Futures Scholar ACTIVITIES/LEADERSHIP Student Government Association. Florida 32808 ● (407) 555-3424 ● ajohnson564@atlas. Community Volunteer June 2012 – Present  Deliver meals to senior members of the community Get on Track. Excel. Basic Spanish HONORS Dean’s List: Fall 2015.Chronological Avery Johnson 4630 Santa Ana Manor ● Orlando. FL  Assisted with the development of cost estimates and maintained project budgets  Managed and organized office files and accounting records  Assisted in obtaining proper permits for various projects ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE Sales Associate December 2010 – July 2012 Macy’s Orlando.2 RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Intern.Career Action Certificate Spring 2013  Completion of series of activities to enhance personal brand . Orlando. FL  Assisted customers with merchandise selection and sales transactions  Maintained an orderly sales floor and stocked merchandise SKILLS Computer: Proficient in AutoCAD. OBJECTIVE To obtain a full time position as an Instrumentation Technician where I can implement my industry-specific skills to XYZ Company in order to help expand the new Electronics Department EDUCATION Valencia College. FL  Performed battery life testing and evaluation on batteries under redesign  Analyzed and performed troubleshooting to reporting system and board-level issues  Assisted with the instrumentation of mobile computers for further testing Office Assistant July 2012 – January 2013 RGS Electrical Services Orlando.Resume Example . Orlando. May 2015 Specialization in Telecommunications and Wireless Technology GPA 3. Access and PowerPoint Language: Fluent in English and Portuguese.valenciacollege. Microsoft Word. FL Associate in Science in Electronics Engineering Technology. Research and Development January 2013 – April 2014 Motorola.

Spring 2014 Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Recipient ACTIVITIES/LEADERSHIP Student Government Association. Florida Associate in Arts Degree. FL  Assist with the development of cost estimates and maintain project budgets  Manage and organize office files and accounting records  Assist in obtaining proper permits for various projects Sales Associate December 2010 – July 2012 Macy’s Orlando. Microsoft Word. Access and PowerPoint Language: Fluent in English and Spanish HONORS Dean’s List: Fall 2013. FL  Assisted customers with merchandise selection and sales transactions  Maintained orderly sales floor and stocked merchandise SKILLS Computer: Proficient in AutoCAD.Resume Example – Internship (Chronological) Avery Johnson 4630 Santa Ana Manor Orlando. OBJECTIVE To obtain an internship in the field of electrical engineering where I can implement the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and through relevant work experience EDUCATION Valencia College.linkedin. II Engineering Analysis Physics I.valenciacollege. December 2014 Engineering Pre-major GPA 3. II Differential Equations WORK EXPERIENCE Office Assistant July 2013 – Present RGS Electrical Services www. Orlando. Florida 32808 (407) 555-3424 ajohnson564@mail.2 RELATED COURSES Engineering Concepts & Methods Probability & Statistics Calculus I. Treasurer September 2014 – Present  Manage finances and allocate funds to various student organizations Meals on Wheels. Community Volunteer June 2013 – Present  Deliver meals to senior members of the community Get on Track.Career Action Certificate Fall 2013  Completion of series of activities to enhance personal brand .

Florida Associate of Arts. and PowerPoint. Orlando. resulting in increased staff productivity and higher morale  Wrote newsletters and speeches for trustees of Tri Health Associates  Managed reduction in staff due to organizational budget cuts. Florida . Orlando Chapter RELATED SKILLS  Manage customer service and marketing programs  Identify opportunities. Florida 32754 407-581-7496 ▪ ttorres@gmail. formulate strategies and implement plans to stimulate sales  Supervise sales. marketing and clerical personnel  Develop decision papers for HMOs  Identify organizational impact of issues and recommend alternative options  Edit managerial materials prepared for presentations  Write company newsletters and executive speeches ACCOMPLISHMENTS  Managed customer service/marketing program targeting company’s top customers nationally. resulting in $437. 2014 Valencia College. Florida EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Public Relations. Orlando. Access. Orlando. maintaining productivity standard with fewer staff members ADDITIONAL SKILLS  Proficient in Microsoft Word.Resume Example . Florida 2000-2003 Administrative Analyst II Group Health Associates. Expected 2016 University of Central Florida.000 sales per year  Supervised staff of six marketing representatives  Developed decision papers for trustees and executives with a $360 million HMO budget  Oversaw transition of office to full-automated office system. Miami. Orlando. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS  Experienced manager with expertise in marketing and public relations  Superb written and oral communication skills  Experience in survey design and market research  Strong graphic design skills  Organizational and strategic planning experience  Active member of the Public Relations Society of America. 10-Key calculator by touch  Speak and write English and Spanish WORK HISTORY 2003-Present Marketing Manager Crestline Communications. Florida 1997-2000 Assistant Office Manager Tri Health Associates.Targeted TERESA TORRES 109 South Lakeside Court ▪ Orlando.

Florida 2013-2014 2012-2013 2010-2012 . Orlando. resulting in $437.Group Health Note: For privacy. Excel. and PowerPoint Ability to speak and write in English and Spanish EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Public Relations University of Central Florida Expected 2017 Orlando. maintaining productivity standard with fewer staff members Organization  Oversaw transition to a fully automated office system. it is acceptable to leave off your physical address PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Management  Managed customer service/marketing program targeting the company’s top customers nationally. Access. Florida Administrative Analyst II . Orlando. Florida RELATED COURSEWORK Public Relations Principles of Advertising Ad-PR Campaigns Mass Communication Law Writing for Public Relations Journalism Ethics WORK HISTORY Marketing Manager .Tri Health Associates.Resume Example .000 sales per year  Supervised staff of six sales representatives  Identified organizational impact of issues and recommended alternative options  Regulated reduction in staff due to organizational budget www. consulting with senior level executives in development of information  Targeted top customers during marketing campaign creating solid partnerships  Developed decision papers for trustees and executives with a $360 million HMO budget  Wrote newsletters and speeches for trustees ADDITIONAL SKILLS   Proficient in Microsoft Word. improving speed in retrieving information used in decision-making Marketing/Public Relations  Edited managerial materials for presentation to board.Functional TERESA TORRES 407-581-7496 │ ttorres@gmail. Miami.linkedin. Florida Assistant Office Director . resulting in increased staff productivity and higher morale  Developed and refined computerized database management program. Florida Associate in Arts Valencia College 2014 Orlando.Crestline Communications.

dishonesty is grounds for disqualification or firing  Read questions carefully and only answer what is asked  Obtain a copy of your record. insurance or banking. write ‘negotiable’ and wait for the employer to discuss it with you during interview or offer stage  Sign and date Tips for Ex-Offenders  Be honest. and working with children  Be prepared to start with a job you are over-qualified for and work your way to a better position  Give good references. seek to have it expunged or sealed if possible  Know your chances. military. such as resume. you may automatically be excluded from jobs with the government.summary of all your education and work experience information to help keep you organized and makes filling out applications easier  Dress professionally (no shorts or flip flops)  Greet those who work there politely  Bring pen and copies of your resume Filling Out the Application  Print clearly and do not use abbreviations  Follow directions.JOB APPLICATIONS First Impressions  Create a fact sheet. be sure to proofread before submitting  Apply for a specific position. do not list “Any” or “All” when asked what job you are applying for  Be honest! Employers have access to lots of personal information and lies are easily found out  Make sure the job duties match what is on your resume  Leave nothing blank  Write N/A (not applicable) if a question does not apply to you  Explain gaps in employment (Ex. cover letter. and thank you’s  Learn to network  Don’t get discouraged . Attending school or stay-at-home parent)  For questions about salary. verify with your references that you can list them on an application  Brush up on interviewing skills and job search documents.

COVER LETTERS Introduction Once you have produced your best resume. Before submitting a cover letter. An excellent way to improve your knowledge of the language of any field is to read trade journals and articles by professionals in that particular field. enhance. it is highly recommended that you have someone else proofread it to ensure that it is free of grammar mistakes and typos. Say you have material to send and you want to ensure it gets to the correct person. As you will see from my resume. This will require some basic research in your target field and familiarity with the interests and needs of the employer. Do not get overwhelmed with explaining that you are looking for job opportunities. your cover letter also shows an employer your ability to communicate with others in a written format . Describe what you feel you can do for a potential employer. The letter should also transition smoothly between ideas and paragraphs. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to set up an interview. communicate in some special way that your skills will be valuable to the potential employer.” Example: My communication skills would be an asset in your customer service department. answering the most fundamental employment question of all: Why should I hire you? Address a Person. I have several years of experience assisting customers both in person and over the telephone. Example: I would very much appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my qualifications and skills would benefit your company. Simply communicate your ability to assist. plus a willingness to show how you can make a difference. experience and values will create interest. a custom cover letter is your next step to make a positive impression and catch the employer’s interest. Avoid starting each sentence with “I.a key skill for any job seeker. Answer the Question “why should I interview you?” In the body of your cover letter. Use “keywords” to indicate your ability and expertise. The purpose of the cover letter is to communicate a specific. Explain to the employer how you perceive that your qualifications meet their needs. the person who can make the hiring decision. Demonstrate Communication Skills In addition to explaining why an employer should hire you. Speak Their Language Every field has its own jargon and technology. Ask for the Interview This is called the “close” – the time when you ask for a personal meeting. personalized message to a particular employer. Addressing their needs with your skills. Not a Title Call your targeted company and ask for the name and title of the person in charge of the function or department where you have a work interest. . and support.

My experience as an IT Intern/Assistant with the IT department at the Orlando Business Journal has given me valuable exposure to networking and programming applications as well as allowed me to implement knowledge learned throughout my education. FL 32808 (407) 555-3424 ajohnson564@mail. the email’s header section will provide similar information. Sincerely. Dear Ms. my experience and education have prepared me to begin a position such as the Help Deck Specialist.2 GPA). Sue Taylor Human Resources Manager Orlando Regional Medical Center 1082 Kuhl Avenue April 15. I received high grades in all of my courses (3. 20__ Ms. FL 32803 Note: If submitting your resume and cover letter via email. While I have only recently received my Associate in Science degree in Computer Engineering for a Help Desk Specialist. Additionally. Please contact me at 407-555-3424 if you have any questions or would like to set up an interview. Taylor: Please accept the attached resume in response to your advertisement on careerbuilder. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the Help Desk Specialist position and my qualifications with is not necessary to type this section in the message area of the email. Thank you for your time and consideration. Avery Johnson Avery Johnson If printing your cover letter sign your name in black ink.Cover Letter Example 4630 Santa Ana Manor Orlando. and have been told by professors and supervisors that I have excellent troubleshooting and organizational skills. .

send a separate letter/email/card to Thank You Letter Sending a thank you letter/email/card is a small gesture that makes a big impression. current job title. advisors. Florida 32837 (407) 895-5547 m. Once you have determined who you would like to serve as references for you. This can be done by sending a formal letter.  Only about 30% of job seekers send thank you letters. mentors. They may also be able to talk about your ability to work with others and/or your presentation skills. Include each person’s full name. Make sure to have your letter proofread for grammar errors and typos.  Sending a thank you letter is the polite and professional thing to do and it shows you are really interested in the position. Also think of work supervisors and others that you have interacted with in the past (e.g. Maria Corte Customer Service Director TLC Call Centers 2443 Orange Avenue Orlando. Taking time to do so will certainly set you apart from others who have interviewed for the job. Also reiterate your interest in the job.  Send your thank you letter/email/ within 24 hours of your interview. Email each person to let him/her know the positions and companies you have applied for jobs with. Below you will find some helpful tips on writing this important letter. business mailing address. Under the category heading. If he/she declines.corte@tlc. it is a good idea to ask their permission. this list is provided by a job seeker to a potential employer during the application and/or interview process. Think about professors of classes in which you excelled. phone number and email address. sooner if you know that the employer will make a decision before that time. volunteer coordinators. do not take it personally and do not include that person as part of your reference list. These people will be able to comment on your work habits and work ethic.  Poorly written thank you letters will hurt your chances of getting the job. Explain that you are looking for a new job and ask each person if he/she would mind serving as a reference for you. Professors can talk about your intellectual ability and communication skills.  Thank the employer for his/her time and for considering you for the position. References: Ms. References Select 3-4 people who will speak highly of you. Each time you have an interview or meet with a potential employer you should thank him/her in writing. as well as your work habits. etc. Keep in contact with each of your references so that they are aware of your experience and extracurricular/professional activities. Include the word “References” as a new category heading. If you met with more than one person. email or handwritten note. Reference Page Format A good formatting technique for a reference page is to copy and paste the heading from your resume onto a separate page of your document. company.). Not to be confused with a letter of recommendation. list your references in alphabetical order by their last name.REFERENCES & THANK YOU LETTERS Reference Page A reference page is a listing of people who know you in a supervisory role and can speak about your work habits. .

Current Co-Worker Customer Specialist Motorola. FL 37161 321-124-5689 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ REFERENCES Mr. English Professor Associate Professor Valencia College 1800 South Kirkman Road Orlando.Reference Page Example Avery Johnson 4630 Santa Ana Manor Orlando.linkedin. FL 32764 407-299-5000 Mr. Past Supervisor Manager RGS Electrical Services 879 South Williams Road Orlando. Florida 32808 407-5555. www.supervisor@rgselectrical.3424 ajohnson564@mail. 134 West Grove Avenue Altamonte Springs. FL 32811 407-299-5000 eprofessor@valenciacollege.

edu April 29. I enjoyed learning about the position and also about Orlando Regional Medical Center.valenciacollege. FL 32808 (407) 555-3424 ajohnson564@atlas. Henderson: It was a pleasure to meet with you today to discuss my qualifications for the Help Desk Specialist is not necessary to type this section in the message area of the email. After speaking with you. Henderson Information Technology Manager Orlando Regional Medical Center 1082 Kuhl Avenue Orlando. please do not hesitate to contact me at 407-555-3424. . If I can provide you with any additional information. Dear Mr. 20__ Mr.Thank You Letter Example 4630 Santa Ana Manor Orlando. Thank you for your time and consideration. sign your name in black ink. the email’s header section will provide similar information. I believe that I have a solid understanding of the job responsibilities and am confident that my skills and experience will meet the needs of your department and the ORMC organization. FL 32803 Note: If submitting your thank you letter via email. Avery Johnson Avery Johnson If printing your thank you letter. Sincerely.

reiterate your interest in the employer and why you are the best candidate. customer base. services. Bring a notepad and pen for notes. if possible. face the interviewer or committee member asking the question and finish each response in 2 minutes or less. travel. Notes and pre-written questions to ask the employer are also good to bring.bls. products. . this person has the power to connect you with people at the organization and often knows a lot of useful information. Review the position description/job posting for particular skills the employer is seeking. or the employer’s location/facilities. Remember to thank every interviewer separately. a business suit can be appropriate or required depending on the job position o Men: Wear polished shoes and clean. especially the receptionist. Always stand to shake hands.bridges. formal letter. Can be sent as a card. locations. Turn your cell phone completely off. growth prospects. ethnic origins. religion. Thank each interviewer directly. children.INTERVIEWS BEFORE THE INTERVIEW Prepare yourself     Identify your strengths Tailor and review your resume and cover letter Conduct a practice interview Attend to your grooming and carefully select your wardrobe o Women: Keep accessories and makeup simple. or politics. Extend a firm. wear a modest blouse and skirt/pants with polished closed-toed shoes. Collect business cards from each interviewer. a simple tie and business suit can be appropriate or required depending on the job setting Do your research      What does the organization do? Research the employer’s size. pressed shirt and pants. mission. Stay positive! Avoid disclosing personal details that are irrelevant to the job such as marital status.salary. When the interview is winding down. not just on Know the interview schedule and location and a solid estimate of your required travel time. Be courteous to everyone you meet. (Will there be one interview or a series of interviews? Will you need to do a written test or assessment? Will it be in-person or over the phone? Will there be one interviewer or more?) TIPS FOR THE INTERVIEW          Show up early. or www. Stick to “safe topics” such as the weather. AFTER THE INTERVIEW Send a Thank You    Should be sent within 24 hours. or e-mail. Follow up afterward to check on the status of the hiring decision. as well as the staff assistant and anyone who answered questions for you along the way. Find out the reasonable income range for the position based on industry and regional norms. (visit www. so you have the correct title and spelling of the interviewer’s name. based on the timeline discussed during the interview. Ask about the interview process and format. www. Show your confidence by smiling often and making eye contact. and how it is different from major competitors. When answering questions. solid handshake with a flat palm and 2-3 quick pumps.

(Tip: Avoid your life story and explain why you are interested in the position. Double check that your microphone and camera work correctly beforehand. Skype Interviews Skype video interviews are becoming more popular. free from distractions.         Make sure your username and profile picture are professional. consider using a landline instead.        Make sure you are in a quiet place. When replying. and job description in front of you for a quick reference. Have your notes. Close all other windows and browsers to free you from any potential distractions. Wear professional attire. (Tip: Prepare for this question by reading the job description beforehand and discover what skills the employer will emphasize. Find an appropriate setting that is clean. Smiling while answering the questions will help to convey a positive image to the interviewer. well-lit.) . 42% of companies used video interviews to recruit employees for various positions. Turn your phone completely off. How would you handle multiple tasks given at one time? (How do you organize your day?) Why do you want to work for our organization? (Tip: Talk about your strengths but also what you know about the employer.) Please tell us about any experiences you have had in diverse settings. resume. Since these interviews are different from phone and face-to-face interviews. If your cell phone does not have reliable service. Be sure to look at the camera. FREQUENTLY ASKED INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Tell me about yourself. clear your desk and the area immediately behind you. What is your greatest professional achievement? Do you have any questions for me? (Tip: Always have questions prepared. resume.) Why should we hire you over another candidate? How would you handle conflict with a coworker? Do you prefer to work independently or on a team? What do you know about this company/position? Tell us about a time you exercised leadership.) Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years? How would your last employer describe you? Tell us about your ______________ skills. go beyond what is listed on your resume. and job description readily available for a quick reference. Today.OTHER TYPES OF INTERVIEWS Telephone Interviews Telephone interviews are another way for employers to screen candidates for employment. and quiet. Have your notes. Record a professional voicemail message on your phone in case you miss the call. This will help you maintain eye contact. Get the full name and number of the hiring person you are speaking with in case the phone call is interrupted. as you would when conducting a face-to-face interview. See the list below for ideas. Do not chew gum or eat food. Turn the negative into a positive. It helps if the questions show you took time to research the employer.) What are your strengths/weaknesses? (Tip: Explain how you can compensate for your weakness. It is important to treat this type of interview as important as a face-to-face meeting. it is necessary to prepare beforehand. Also avoid saying you are a perfectionist. not the screen.

What would you do? You are a trainee assistant manager put into a small department to supervise staff members who are experienced and valued members of the organization. such as:  How is your company responding to competition in the _____ area?  Your website discusses your past growth. what Action you took. One of the staff is extremely resentful (and was turned down for the post of department supervisor) and is being unhelpful and obstructive. what is the anticipated company growth rate over the next three to five years? . How would you handle the situation and why? Questions You Should Ask (Tip: DO NOT bring up salary unless the employer does so first!) What are the three most important attributes for success in this position? What are the opportunities for growth and advancement for this position? What do you like most about working for this organization? When can I expect to hear from you regarding your hiring decision? Also consider adding any questions that showcase your research into the employer. and the positive Result) Tell us about a time when you…           Had a conflict with an employer/employee/co-worker/faculty member Needed to defuse a tense situation Made a mistake Made a good decision Fired/hired someone Completed a project on time Found a unique/creative/cost-effective solution to a problem Made a great sale Saved the company money Started a new procedure/policy Situational Questions A work colleague has told you in confidence that she suspects another colleague of stealing.Behavior-based Questions (Tip: Explain the Situation or Task. What would you do? You are giving a presentation where a member of the audience is continually stopping you and diverting you from the main part of the presentation. which has been excellent.