He-Ne Laser Series Instrument Patent No.:ZL94216684.1 ZL94243155.

3 Features: ◆It consists of a fully solidified and sealed laser power source, aluminium cover laser bracket, microcomputer control board and highly efficient optical fiber couplers. It has good safety and reliability. It is easy to install the instrument and change some parts of it. ◆The following types of optical fiber coupler are exchangeable: Pen-holder Optical Fiber Coupler, Magneto-Optical Bend Sucking Disc Optical Fiber Coupler, KX-3 Optical Fiber Coupler etc. So with the instrument, you may carry out inner-blood vessel, outer body and multi-acupoint irradiation. The unit with two tubes can treat 1 or 2 patients simultaneously for intra-vascular irradiation. They can prefabricate multi-laser output for irradiation treatment of the outer body. ◆KX-3 Optical Fiber Coupler fit with Optical Fiber Needle for intra-vascular irradiation and Laser Head Cover for nasal cavity irradiation. ◆It is controlled by microcomputer with complete function as well as simple operation. ◆The power source adopts switching power source design with voltage of 110V/220V and 50/60Hz. ◆It has two working modes:continuous and pulsed, which can be chosen according to requirement of the treatments.

Range of Indications: ◆For intra-vascular Laser Irradiation in treatment of cerebral and cardiac diseases, such as cerebral infarction, psoriasis, abrupt deafness etc. ◆Fit with endoscope for body cavity irradiation: Irradiation on affected parts of body. ◆For outer body or acu-point irradiation treatment: For irradiation on affected parts to antiinflammation, relieve pain, expand blood vessel, improve metabolism; For irradiation on body cavity such as nasal cavity, ear etc for assistant treatment of diseases; For acu-point irradaition to treat diseases such as hypertension, vascular headache, bronchitis, frozenshoulder etc. Nasal Cavity He-Ne Laser Irradiation Treatment

Technical Parameters: Name: He-Ne Laser Multi-function Cure Instrument Model:KX-350-2B Laser Wavelength 632.8nm Laser Termination Output Power for Outer Irradiation ≤2×6mW + 15% Laser Termination Output Power for Intra-vascular Irradiation <2×5mW Rated Power 35W

Size (mm) 456×307×175 N.W. (kg) 5.7 G.W. (kg) 6.7


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