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Phast 7.11
September 2014


The purpose of this release is to introduce:

Several important bug fixes and usability updates

A new default and options for using the Multi Energy explosion model
The ability to display an image in the background of any distance-distance graph
An option to set the same scale for both axes on any distance-distance graph
The option to display Bund and Release Direction in the Dispersion Side View graph
The option to display Flame Shape in all Radiation Contour graphs

And key enhancements to Phast 3D explosions, which include:

Effect zones for pool fires, jet fires, fireballs and BLEVE blast models scenarios now
More robust and efficient calculation performance

The following table lists the main installation steps. For further installation instructions
and known issues please see separate document Phast Installation Notes.

1. Download locally the DVD content from the DNV GL Software Customer Portal (680MB
2. Unzip it on your local hard disk.
3. If you are running Windows 8, please read the Known Issues section in the Phast
Installation Notes.
4. If Phast, Phast Risk 6.6, SAFETI-NL 6.54 or earlier versions are installed, please read
the Known Issues section in the Phast Installation Notes.
5. Make sure you have Windows administration rights before installing if necessary ask
your IT helpdesk
6. Click on Phast_installation\setup.exe from the unzipped download and accept to
install the release when prompted.
7. If you have a license for Phast 7.1 you do not need a new licence. However, if you do
not have a valid licence for Phast, Phast Lite or Multi-Component or 3D Explosion addons, Phast 7.11 will assist you to obtain one when the program starts.

DNV GL Headquarters, Veritasveien 1, P.O.Box 300, 1322 Hvik, Norway. Tel: +47 67 57 99 00.
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