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Kelly Ayotte and John Lynch were willing to take from her.

…the state’s move was an

taking of private property.
NH Superior Court Ruling, as reported by Kevin Landrigan in the Nashua Telegraph | January 29, 2010


Are you sure you won’t be their next target?

The John Lynch / Kelly Ayotte Team

Governor John Lynch and his Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte, attempted one of the largest confiscations in New Hampshire history.
Together, they moved to drain the private medical malpractice funds of our doctors, nurses and healthcare providers. All in the name of balancing the state budget. Thankfully, the Supreme Court slapped down their $110 million raid of private funds. They received a slap on the wrist; you would have been slapped in leg irons.
Asked about what role for mer Attorney General Kelly Ayotte had in shaping the decision to tap the JUA funds, Lynch said she was part of reg ular meetings on the issue, along wit h Insurance Commissioner Roger Sev igny. “In none of the me etings was there any indication tha t this was an inappropriate thing to do. So, the thenattorney general was ver y involved in all of these discussions,” he said. “She was very supportive of the step s we took.” February 10, 2010 Wedne sday

“But Gov. John Lynch said this week that if she had doubts, Ayotte didn’t say so. Ayotte, Lynch said, was “very involved” and “very supportive” of the decision.”
Concord Monitor | February 14, 2010

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“As attorney general, Ayotte’s office provided the legal opinion that the governor relied on to take the money.”
Concord Monitor | February 4, 2010