1. Corridor view to classroom(Action of 1st character): Long shot 2. Character walking towards exit: Close up 3.

Rummaging through bag: Close up 4. Collision with character: Mid shot 5. Reaction- Books dropping: Close up 6. Other reaction- Picking up books: Close up 7. Receives books- Dialogue: Mid shot 8. Dialogue: Mid shot 9. Walking through doors: Close up 10.Opening of doors: Close up 11.Outside- Walking to car park: Two shot 12.Stop walking- Dialogue: Close-up 13.View of male actor: Long shot 14.Dialogue: Close up 15.Car park: Mid shot 16.Focus on 2 actors: Close up (Extreme) 17.Dialogue: Close up 18.Victim comes back into scene: Mid shot 19.2 shot of actors: Close up 20.Individual shot: Close up(extreme) 21.No characters(props only): Low angle/Close up 22.Bag on floor/books: Low angle.Close up 23.Wheelchair without person(Wheels spinning): Low angle/close up