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We have decided to make a robot which commanded by voice based on
Arduino. In addition we want to add a jammer on our robot.
Firstly we will use Bluetooth module to send voice with Bluetooth from
Android cell phone. All the android devices comes with the inbuilt speech
recognition. This can be used to convert speech to text, by calling
Bluetooth function these text can be sent to device in this case the text
were transferred to an Arduino. The app can made with ease in MIT app
inventor without any experience in programming. We want to use Arduino
programming. The robot will have five command what are go straight on,
stop, go back, go left, go right. Coming to jammer, we have decided to
work on 800 MHz. Because our purpose break down the cell phones signal
at a certain distance. We will use the 45 MHz oscillator. Because GSM800
cell phones have their frequencies separated by 45 MHz exactly. So when
any cell phone tries to make a call - it becomes blocked by itself. The
phone talker will hear its own voice.
Finally, we want to assemble working with voice command robot car based
on Arduino with jammer.

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