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Published by Giancarlo Colombo

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Published by: Giancarlo Colombo on Mar 18, 2010
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It became quickly apparent in our interviews that interest levels for e-learning
remained strong in areas that conventionally given present economic
circumstances we would have anticipated a marked fall in demand. By this we
mean the banking and finance industry and the automotive sales industry.
Sheffield based FISC, Kineo and LINE Communications have all reported
continuing high levels of interest from the financial services sector.

However, the financial services industry in recognising a failure in regulation is

TheUK e-learningMarket

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we believe embarking upon a range of new Compliance driven learning and

Many financial institutions are already LMS operators but others are not.
Secondly the content in use by many organisations is quite dated, and
suffering from the law of diminishing returns.

We foresee a significant level of demand for new and more interactive content
to deliver the softer end of compliance training as well as defining leadership
and decision issues in a learning format.

As we live in an ever increasing litigious world, compliance in health care,
health and safety, government directives such as the WEEE directive for
example will drive the need for both interactive content and the auditable
evidence of the training being delivered.

While Compliance has often been seen as one of the early drivers for the
adoption of e-learning, its importance is still too great to be written off as one
of yesterday’s driver of demand. Indeed it is our view that this market will be
significantly stimulated by recent events.

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