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Bhardwaj 1!

Akash Bhardwaj
UWRT 1103
Professor Blandford
6 October 2015
Christianity Proposal
In the present day, the largest religion in the world is Christianity, and it is also the largest
religion in the United States. Then there are the “strict” Christians, which live directly by the
bible, and the “regular” Christians who have a little looser interpretation of living by how their
religion says to. According to a regular follower I interviewed, these regular followers realize
that the world is changing, but they do not completely conform to the world’s changes. At the
same time, however, they do not believe that those who do not follow Christianity or follow it
loosely are necessarily horrible people. This trend is seen in many huge religions where there are
“strict” and “regular” followers of the religion. I do not identify as Christian or in fact any
religion for that matter. I was born into Hinduism but due to certain experiences throughout life, I
have been led to switch to become an Agnostic; despite Hinduism being another major religion
in different parts of the world, I became a little more skeptic about God because we have come
this far from our ancestors living with all these different religions. Hinduism is both a way of life
and a religion as preached by Hindu teachers I have had in the past at temples. I technically can
classify as both Hindu and Agnostic because I like some of the beliefs of the way of life that
Hinduism has to offer, but I do not follow the prayers to the many Gods in the Hindu religion.
With all this information in mind, I will be writing about Christianity and comparing it to the
beliefs I know of in present day United States.

Bhardwaj 2!
This subject interests me because it is interesting to see how there are many beliefs
throughout the world and how location and environment plays a huge role on people’s beliefs
and religions throughout the world. The reason I chose this subject over others that interested me
was because I have very little knowledge on Christianity. Sure we all learn a little bit about it
throughout middle and high school history classes, but I have never gotten the perspective of this
religion from someone who actually follows Christianity. Christianity plays a huge role in the
society of people that follow the religion too. Many controversies arise where religion clashes
with modern issues. For example, one of the biggest issues today is how religions such as
Christianity interpret people who identify as homosexuals. There are also many debates on
religion versus science, which exist not only with Christianity, but many other religions
throughout the world. I think it would be interesting to see the first hand account of a Christian
living in the modern day world.
There are certain questions that I would like to ask while I begin my primary research. I
will be interviewing a high school student that lives in North Carolina. The reason I chose this
person is because she herself is a “regular” follower while the rest of her family are “strict”
followers. Before asking any questions, I will get a basic overview of Christianity from her point
of view. I will ask how religion is incorporated into everyday lives of a “regular” versus a “strict”
follower. I will also ask how different followers feel about certain controversies in today’s world
such as homosexuality. I am also going to ask how they feel about other religions or beliefs
versus their own. To compare, I will also have my own point of view of what I think of the
religion from an Agnostic point of view. I also know that location within America heavily
influences beliefs. For example, people are more religious in the south than they are in the North.

Bhardwaj 3!
For this reason I will also be getting a point of view from someone who lives in a northern state.
I will need to use other sources too and I will be using overviews of different bibles and possibly
blogs and other social media that talk about Christianity.
If the results of my initial research are so numerous then I will narrow it down to how it
compares to my view specifically. I will compare it to agnostic people and their views. I will also
narrow the location down to the southern states in America. On the flip side, if my initial
research turns out with too little results, then I will broaden locations, for example, south, north,
and west and possibly compare the religion in different parts of America to how it is followed in
other parts of the world.