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062 4094
The Conservatory at Mill Creek

June 22, 2015
The meeting of the Board of Directors of Condominium Corporation No. 062 4094 was held in the
Guest Suite of The Conservatory at Mill Creek, 7510 - 89 Street NW, Edmonton Alberta.
Clare Dechant, Board Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:26 p.m. and confirmed that a quorum was
present for the conduct of business. Bill Begley from Inland served as recording secretary.

Clare Dechant, Lee Jenkins, Mark Asselin, Marilyn Solikoski, MaryAnne Hawryluk,
Charles Heard, Bob Anderson, Bill Begley (Property Manager)

The agenda was reviewed and accepted with the addition of New Business Item 7.

The minutes of the meetings of April 29, 2015 and May 11, 2015 were reviewed. It was moved by Mr.
Asselin, seconded by Mr. Jenkins, that “the minutes of the meeting of April 29, 2015 be adopted as
presented”. CARRIED
It was then moved by Mr. Heard, seconded by Ms. Hawryluk, that “the minutes of the meeting of May
11, 2015 be adopted as presented”. CARRIED

The financial statements as at May 31, 2015 were addressed by Mrs. Solikoski. She noted that she is in
the process of becoming familiar with the structure of the statements and is tracking various expenses
against the budget. Mr. Dechant stated that while a few expenses were not in line with the budget, it is
still early in the year and these figures are expected to come into line as the year progresses. After the
review, it was moved by Mrs. Solikoski, seconded by Mr. Jenkins, that “the financial statements as at
May 31, 2015 be accepted”. CARRIED

1) AGM Minutes and Follow-up Letter to Owners:
The minutes drafted for the AGM of April 29, 2015 were reviewed. A couple of points of further
clarification were agreed upon. Mr. Dechant requested that all directors provide their agreement
with the final version that will be distributed later this evening in order to have the final draft
minutes released to owners before the end of this week.
Action: Board/Inland
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2) Management of Social Committee Fund:
It was reported that Frank Johnson has agreed to administer the funds of the committee. As a result
of the amount involved, Mr. Johnson asked that the money be deposited to the condo’s general funds
and reported upon monthly as a part of the regular financial statements. Mr. Begley agreed this
could be done and he will have the Inland accounting staff set this up.
Action: Closed
3) Parkade Cleaning:
The parkade will be cleaned on June 26. Line re-painting will be reviewed for possible work to be
done in June 2016.
Action: Closed
4) Storage Unit Status:
There have been two storage units rented out recently. One was rented effective April 2015 but has
not been billed as yet. Billing will be started retroactively. The second unit is being rented effective
the beginning of July.
Action: Inland
5) Suites for Sale Status:
Mr. Dechant updated the members on suites currently listed for sale.
Action: Closed
6) Fire Safety Issue:
The members discussed the state of insurance premiums in light of recent major fires in condos and
the correlation to smoking. Acknowledging that any current resident who smoked inside a suite
would be grandfathered, it was agreed we should investigate the possibility of a bylaw change to
convert the building to full non-smoking status, including within suites. Mr. Begley will look into
drafting a bylaw amendment to give effect to this change and whether or not additional sources of
ignition could be covered in the ban.
Action: Inland
7) Exercise Equipment Repair:
Mr. Asselin is looking for a company to complete repairs to the weight machine. It has been
difficult to find someone who can service it. He will now try Flaman Fitness.
Action: Mr. Asselin

1) Update Signing Authorities:
The signing authorities have been given to the bank.
Action: Closed
2) Assign Building Key-Sets:
There are three complete sets of keys in the hands of Directors and the Building Manager. Messrs.
Dechant and Begley will check on the set at Inland in August.
Action: Mr. Dechant/Inland

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3) Asphalt Repairs:
Contractors have been asked to provide pricing for the repair of various cracks appearing in the
asphalt on the property.
Action: Inland
4) Electrical Repairs:
Mr. Dechant contacted A-Lite Electrical to carry out some replacements of light ballasts and other
small electrical repairs. This will be undertaken in August.
Action: Mr. Dechant
5) Balcony Repairs:
A third floor balcony, covered in Duradek vinyl is potentially suffering from some degree of rot due
to holes in the covering. A contractor will be sought to investigate and repair the balcony as soon as
Action: Inland
6) Removal of Propane Tank:
A suite owner was verbally advised that propane barbeques were prohibited. The propane tank has
now been removed.
Action: Closed
7) In-suite Insurance Matter:
An owner had some renovations done and it resulted in a leaking water line. Inland advised the
owner in writing that the Board will not be able assist financially. Acknowledged by the owner.
Action: Closed
8) Bylaw Violation:
Mr. Begley will check that a fine imposed at the last meeting has been charged to the owner’s
Action: Inland
9) Door/Gate and Lock Repairs:
Royal Lock & Key has completed the noted repairs. A unit entry door is delaminating and a new
door has been ordered from Igloo Building Supplies. Delivery will be six weeks.
Action: Mr. Dechant
10) De-scale Cooling Tower:
The cooling tower of the air-conditioning system was de-scaled on June 17 and 19.
Action: Closed
11) Parkade and Foundation Water Leak Repairs:
Action will now be taken to repair various parkade leaks as the $25,000 payment from Christenson
Developments has been received. Repair quotes will be sought. The scope of this work will now
also include possible foundation repairs.
Action: Inland/Mr. Dechant
12) Plumbing Vent Repairs on Roof-top:
Christensen McLean Roofing did not show up for the last two scheduled inspections. Mr. Begley
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has asked A. Clark Roofing to contact Mr. Dechant to quote on the repairs.
Action: Inland/Mr. Dechant
13) Water-Related Issues:
a) Additional water testing has been conducted along the foundation wall of a ground floor unit
which had experienced some persistent leakage. An engineer has been contracted to further
review the situation. And a foundation repair company will also likely be brought in for further
exploratory purposes.
b) Another ground floor unit has also experienced some water penetration. Further action on this
unit will be in conjunction with the action taken in part (a) above.
c) Federal Environmental is to address a permanent solution for a minor leak in a pipe above a
parking stall in the parkade.
d) Repairs for an occasional leak in the central drive lane of the parkade are pending determination
of the source of the leak.
e) A leak in a ground floor patio ceiling will require further investigation and testing including the
possibility of removing the soffits to expose the leak area.
f) Action is pending on the roof leak at the front entrance.
g) Royal Lock repaired a terrace door in a suite. Repair is completed.
h) The issue of some water in the atria of several suites is ongoing. It has not been determined if
this water is as a result of leaks or condensation. Additional window and wall contractors will be
called in to investigate. This item will also include replacement of a cracked glass panel in the
atrium of a suite.
Action: Inland/Board
14) 2013 Safety Systems Inspection Deficiency Reports:
A valve in the sprinkler system was replaced on May 14. This item is now complete.
Action: Closed
15) External Water Faucet Line Ruptures:
Federal Environmental is to replace external faucets running through two suites. Replacement of
damaged flooring in one of the suites is pending.
Action: Inland/Mr. Dechant
16) Insurance Claim – External Water Faucet Line Ruptures:
The work is ready to proceed. Mr. Begley and Mr. Dechant will work to complete this item.
Action: Inland
17) Capital Expenditure Planning:
a) Carpet replacement quotes have been received from two flooring contractors. Further work will
be undertaken with these contractors to explore the best replacement options. An additional
quote may also be obtained.
b) Common area re-painting requirements are also still under consideration. These items are
deferred to August.
Action: Inland/Board
18) Maintenance - Exterior:
a) Landscaping repair plans are to be considered this year. Re-grading on the north and west sides
of the building will be addressed. Mr. Dechant will have Delta Valley Landscaping price this.
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b) An additional exterior contractor will be contacted to determine the best solution to the window
cap issue.
c) An inspection of the building exterior will be undertaken this year to identify specific areas
requiring caulking repairs.
Action: Inland/Board
19) Tree/Bush Removal and Replacement Plan:
Canadian Tree Care (CTC) has completed fertilization of all trees and bushes on the property. We
have some trees that were planted too close to the building and are now causing problems. CTC may
be asked to remove and replace these trees. One tree in particular will be removed as soon as
Pruning of diseased branches on the Schubert Chokecherry trees will be undertaken.
Delta Valley will be asked for pricing on regular pruning of the trees when doing some planned
landscaping work.
Our large Russian Olive on the east side appears to have died and if it has not revived by spring 2016
it will be removed.
Action: Mr. Dechant/Inland
20) Install Missing External Vent Caps:
Eddie’s Eavestroughing to call-back in early July to look into this work as previously approved.
Action: Mr. Dechant
21) Request to Move Eavestroughing Downpipe:
Eddie’s Eavestroughing to call-back in early July to look into this work as previously approved.
Action: Mr. Dechant
22) Re-install Balcony Glass Panel:
This item will be followed-up this spring.
Action: Mr. Dechant/Mr. Lochrie
23) Stair Railing for Patio:
This item will be followed-up this spring.
Action: Mr. Asselin
24) Fire Prevention Inspection Report:
A letter has been drafted to be sent to owners whose deployment of tarps as well as placement of
stored items in their storage units in the parkade may interfere with the effective operation of the
sprinkler system in the event of a fire. A clearance space of a minimum 18 inches below the
sprinkler head is required. In addition, a couple of owners have items stored in their parking stalls
rather than their storage units. A letter will also be sent to these owners.
Action: Inland/Mr. Dechant
25) Owner/Resident Emergency Contact Information:
Some owners have provided the requested information but others have still not responded. A new
request will be sent out.
Action: Inland/Mr. Dechant

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26) Website Update:
A new website has been developed and is being tested.
Action: Mr. Dechant
27) Update New Resident Welcome Package:
Update is pending.
Action: Mr. Dechant
28) Legal Action Against Suite Owner:
The action against a suite owner is ongoing. No further hearings have been scheduled.
Action: Inland
29) Water Treatment Service Provider:
Federal Environmental provided a referral in KeyTech Water Management. Mr. Dechant met with
the company on May 23 to seek a quote. Further action is pending.
Action: Mr. Dechant
30) Sewer System Operation:
The sewage tank lid is badly rusted and needs to be replaced. A replacement lid will cost $2,500
based on a previous quote. We are awaiting further input from Federal Environmental on the
replacement plan.
Action: Mr. Dechant
31) Building Deficiencies:
The settlement with Christenson Developments is now final. Item to be closed.
Action: Closed

1) Building Key Replacement Plan (August 2015)
2) Alarm Inspections in Suites (August 2015)
3) 2016 Budget (September 2015) – Reminder to review implications of insurance premium and power
transmission rate increases, and to review user rates.
4) Insurance – Individual Versus Corporation Liability

The next Board meeting will be held August 17, 2015. Subsequent meetings are scheduled for
September 21, November 23, 2015 and January 18, March 21 and April 26 (AGM), 2016.

At 8:02 p.m. with no further business to bring before the meeting, it was moved by Mrs. Solikoski,
seconded by Mr. Heard, that the meeting be terminated. CARRIED
-Original Signed______________________________
Clare Dechant, Chair

-Original Signed______________________________
Bill Begley, Recording Secretary
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