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ghd and transmedia planning

ghd and transmedia planning

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advertising & brand management final year project/dissertation
advertising & brand management final year project/dissertation

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Published by: diemkay on Mar 18, 2010
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“Dreams say what they mean, but they don't say it in daytime language.”

~ Gail Godwin, American novelist

Following analysis of findings and conclusions, the "unexpected liberation" approach remains

unchanged, but a new communications idea is developed:

"Let the dream unfold”

Rationale: women always have a very clear idea of what their ideal hairstyle looks like and

set very high standards for themselves. However, they know they cannot achieve it because there is

always something in the way; there are constraints on the time taken to achieve a style, what is

appropriate, what is feasible for them, etc.

“Let the dream unfold” plays on the idea that you can transform how you look and feel and the

styler can give you the style you always dreamt of but never thought possible outside the salon. The

“dream” style may often be utopian but it typically draws on influence from pop culture, self image

in relationship to others, desires and aspirations and is therefore constantly changing, in line with

how ghd stylers can bestow the users with any style they want.

This becomes a teaser campaign to a new limited edition of 1,000 stylers engraved with the owner's

name on the handle and bag, as placing customisation at the core ascertains ghd‟s customer focus

(Kapferer, 1996); fewer would be too exclusive and could attract negative feelings while more

would commoditise the product. Three stages have been identified so that regardless of touchpoint,

the message is adapted to the media employed in order to communicate the same idea.

ghd and transmedia planning – Andreea Nastase
Project Tutor:
Angela Byrne
Manchester Metropolitan University



Levers used




5 YouTube beauty and style bloggers;
TVCs and other ATL media, OOH
PR on beauty and fashion blogs

Inform the audience about
the campaign and to look for the
code that they will use in the ghd
interactive application;

4 Weeks prior
to roll-out


Website (http://www.ghdhair.com) and
vanity url redirecting to the website
ATL media

Encourage engagement with
the ghd website feature and
Facebook fan page as well as
purchase of the limited edition

4 Weeks or
longer, until all
1,000 stylers
are sold

Followup Facebook
YouTube beauty and style bloggers

Request interaction with
Facebook page by submitting
blog entries, photos or videos of
the styler in action. Publish
photos from the ghd style
academy event in order to create
desire among those who have
not purchased and attract
aspiring followers;


Table 4 – Campaign levers, purpose and timing


1. Above-the-line (ATL) media such as TV commercials (TVC), magazines and out-of-home

(OOH) used as teaser weeks prior the limited edition rollout with a creative execution,

encouraging follow-up online and in salons (“Follow the dream to see it unfold) in the

near future.

To be planned and implemented for broadcast on commercial channels which
resonate with the audience, taking into account seasonality, relevance and


Will create awareness for both salons displaying codes and the website, the next
stage in “letting the dream unfold”.

2. Top 5 YouTube „Beauty & Style‟ video bloggers sponsored with customised stylers with

their nicknames or real names engraved on the handles and given privileged access to the

“Dream Dictionary a week prior to the official launch. They will be asked to recreate

their dream style with the aid of stylers provided in order to promote the competition

Will have a personal code that their followers can use to access the “Dream
on the ghd website (i.e. pixiwoodream”)

ghd and transmedia planning – Andreea Nastase
Project Tutor:
Angela Byrne
Manchester Metropolitan University


Used to create awareness around the campaign and the product
Implementation: Users will be approached for sponsorship, seeking agreement to
promote videos in exchange for a personalised ghd styler engraved with their real

name or nickname. Upon reaching an agreement, the stylers will be customised and

sent out to their future owners who will be instructed on mandatory campaign

elements to be mentioned, leaving the method at their discretion so that they do not

sound contrived to their followers. Mandatory elements include:

“Dream Dictionary” concept and how to participate;
10 second start-up time: takes less to achieve the dream
Calls to become fans of ghd on Facebook for exclusive content in the near


Costs, Timing and Implications: The cost of producing and delivering personalised
stylers to five users would rise to £500-£600 including postage and packaging to UK

addresses. Setting up a YouTube account is free.

Benefits: YouTube is a powerful channel for quickly engaging customers and
producing content that can entertain, inform or both. It holds greatest value in word

of mouth due to the number of users reached and provides a touchpoint for

responding to eventual complaints and producing branded videos or sourcing them

from other users.

3. Salons that are approved ghd stockists participate in campaign rollout as awareness

generators for the ghd website by displaying posters with the customised styler and a call to

action to use the codes which are unique to them inside the “Dream Dictionary”;

4. Blog PR on representative fashion and beauty blogs by inviting authors for a one-day

experience at the ghd style academy in order to promote a competition for those who will

not purchase the limited edition styler (“aspiring followers”) or were late to hear about the


It is assumed that the initial reach for teaser will be combined reach of ATL levers (Magazines,

OOH) combined with YouTube subscriber views, estimated at 500,000 views minimum and fashion

blog audience. This can be measured by counting mentions and online sentiment for ghd.

ghd and transmedia planning – Andreea Nastase
Project Tutor:
Angela Byrne
Manchester Metropolitan University



1. The website is to incorporate a "Dream Dictionary” as main feature instead of the usual

home page. It is an exclusive area accessible only by entering a code taken from salon

posters or YouTube Style & Beauty bloggers. It is an interactive application incorporating a

database of over 1,000 hairstyles from celebrity hairstylists and ghd salons that users will be

recommended following a short survey to gauge personality traits.

It acts as branded utility: it provides a useful personal experience and adds value to
users seeking to translate their dream hairstyle into reality (Contagious, 2008). It is an

opportunity to illustrate the “dream” idea in a way that engages different segments

within various channels as considerable discrepancy is expected among age groups and

from the way in which each person responds to particular cues from the outside when it

comes to self image (Elliott, 1994).

Implementation: Hairstyles are matched and recommended for comparison based on
input; this will help users anchor the “dream” hairstyle in reality, based on existing

styles. Users can make amends as a way to acknowledge that the “dream” is in a

constant state of change and often reflects the personality or mood the person engaging

with it is displaying. A daring style might be recommended to someone who defined

their personality as “naughty” but would further be refined if the mood is set to

“melancholic”. Once someone completes the process, they are rewarded with £5 off

their purchase on completion and move on to the customised styler order page to “live

the dream.” However, should they skip engaging with the content the £5 discount will

not be applied, leaving the discovery to the user‟s discretion. Once the target of 1,000

appliances to be sold has been reached, the content will unlock for everyone visiting the

website but no further appliances will be available. For those who choose not to order

there will be a call to action to follow ghd on Facebook in order to receive exclusive

updates and rewards in the near future or participate in the style academy draw in order

to get closer to their dream style with the aid of a professional stylist;

Evaluation: counting codes entered and matching them to the source, salon or
YouTube users to evaluate influence of ATL versus online activity, appliances sold per


ghd and transmedia planning – Andreea Nastase
Project Tutor:
Angela Byrne
Manchester Metropolitan University



1. Facebook: Although ghd has a Facebook brand page, it lacks any real interaction or

conversation with its users. Ghd needs to acknowledge that the people who use the stylers

create the brand and build loyalty accordingly; Keeping followers involved even after the

promotion ends represents commitment to fans and extra returns;

a. Implementation: Having albums showing off the products and photos of ghd fans

and their hairstyles from all around the world integrated with status updates, notes

and videos to reflect their attachment to the product. Engaging people that like the

brand and want to share their opinions and participate in giveaways and contests can

create natural word of mouth; Once the campaign has finished, blog posts, photos

and videos from fans who have engaged with the website will be displayed. Pictures

from the ghd style academy event will be further posted on Facebook to increase the

number of aspiring followers who might buy ghd in the future.

b. Benefits: Facebook brand pages are great for brand exposure, with 76% of online

shoppers being frequent Facebook users, befriending companies on the social

network (ForeSee, 2009).

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