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Every introductory medieval text begins with discussion of the natures of the signs, planets, aspects, and the

interconnectedness of the entire astrological system.

The first of these basics is typically the natures of the planets. This teaches the student the basic qualities and n

Following that are discussions on the qualities of the signs. This introduces students to the signs of the zodiac a

Classical aspect theory is as thought-provoking as it is complex. Sometimes referred to as "configurations" in m

The significations of the twelve terrestrial houses becomes an immensely helpful resource of knowledge when

Finally, the dignities and debilities of the planets give qualitative insight into the significations of the planets by
"...that he who shall learn the nature of the planets and signs without exact judgment of the
houses, is like an improvident man, that furnishes himself with a variety of household stuff,
having no place wherein to stow them."
- William Lilly, Christian Astrology