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Collective Bargaining and Unions

1. What school district did you research? Provide the exact web address or link to the
collective bargaining agreement. District 63 Concord Elementary school
2. What is a collective bargaining agreement? What people/groups of people are involved in
the collective bargaining process? The board, the teachers, and the presidents. Beginning
August 15th, 2012 and expiring August 14th, 2017. The board agrees with the association
that ongoing communication between the board and the teachers is essential to the
operation of a quality school system.
3. What are the teacher’s contracted hours and days (hours/days teachers have to be in the
school building)? Starting the school day at 8:15 A.M.- 2:45 P.M. August 14th to June 6th
if there are no snow days. They have to be in school for 174 days total. Also, 4 days of
teacher institute, 1 parent teacher conference, and 1 student orientation day. Therefore,
180 Days total they are required to be there.
4. How much planning a preparation time do teachers in this district get each week? Is any
of the time designated for certain activities (i.e. common grade level plan time, data
discussions, etc.) The teachers should plan about 300 minutes each week within a
teaching day.
5. What is the current evaluation process for teachers? The students are given placement test
to place them in the correct classes, see what they know, and how advanced they are.
They will determine if a student needs help or if he should be challenged to a higher level
of education
6. Are there any specific requirements in regards to lesson plans or gradebooks/grading?
They should plan 300 minutes per day while they have free time. Such as during lunch,
music, or gym class the teachers should be assigning work for the next scheduled class or
planning for future events, fieldtrips, or lessons that are coming up. They may do grades
after class is out or in between periods.
7. What does the document say about class size? Is there a limit? What happens if that limit
is exceeded? 26 kids is the maximum for a third and fourth grade class and they will
review the need for an additional section when the time comes. So if they need another
class due to the amount of students, they will do so.
8. What type of mentoring program do new teachers go through? They are trained by
teachers who have worked the same subject field they will be and who have been
teachers for many years. The class schedule, instruction, and teaching methods will be
evaluated and determined by the board of education. The expectations for the class will
be provided by the board, there wasn’t updated information on the mentoring program.
The council meets monthly to help enhance communication between colleagues. Also, it
gives them time to focus on the child and see what needs improvement on.
9. Are teachers allotted sick and personal days? If so, how many? The teachers are allowed
5 paid personal sick days and 12 additional days for any other personal matter. They also
have spring break, summer, Christmas, and other holidays off. If there is an emergency or
serious matter they may take off and are entitled to the time necessary.

10. What is a grievance and how is the process carried out? Every teacher covered by this
agreement has the right to present grievances in accordance to some procedures. No
teacher who is subjected to grievances shall receive any type of punishment. You can get
an extended grievance if your family member is ill. During non-teaching hours or school
hours they will have hearings and meetings on the grievance procedure. A grievance in
their definition was an alleged violation or misinterpretation of any provisions of this
agreement the pension code and TRS pursuant to the life of the contract. There are five
or six steps in the grievance process.
11. How are teachers compensated in this district? Please provide the salary of a first year
teacher that holds a Bachelor’s degree for the 2015-2016 school year? What is the salary
of a teacher with a Master’s degree and 15 years experience for the 2015-2016 school
years? Based on the number of days per year required and hours per day required
calculate the hourly rate for both scenarios. Take the number of days multiplied by hours
worked (i.e. 180 days X 7 hours a day = 1,260 hours). Divide the salary by the total hours
(i.e. $48,000 / 1,260 = $38.10/hour). They work 180 days total per year and they work 7
hours a day at the most. 1260 hours a year and you will be paid $38.10 per hour. Teachers
with a bachelor’s degree start at $43,326 and a teacher with a bachelors degree and 15
years experienece make $43,900 as of 2015. Depending on your experience in the field
and recommendations from the superintendent the board will then decide your final
12. How are extra duties (coaching, clubs, lunch duty etc.) compensated? Every sport
requires coaching for many hours, so they pay the coaches by the hour. The hourly rate as
of 2014 is $28.36 plus the consumer price index. The sports can total from 30 hours all
the way to 130 hours depending on if its softball, basketball, volleyball, etc.
13. What other fringe benefits are offered (i.e. health insurance, life insurance, long and short
term disability, tuition reimbursement, retirement, etc.)? They offer $50,000 of life
insurance, they will pay 70% of your medical bills, and 90% of your vision or dental
bills, cover for disability. They will issue you a card, insurance is open enrollment, and
the deductibles vary. They have a longevity benefit for people who were teachers for
more than 15 years and are at least 40 years old. The tuition will be paid up to 15 hours
per semester and shall be paid 4 times a year.
14. What is Teacher Retirement System (TRS)? Who is eligible? Are their minimum
requirements to collect on TRS? The board makes all teachers eligible for an incentive
option and shall pay the full one year contribution to the Illinois TRS according to the
rules and regulations of TRS. Retirement incentive options and provisions are guaranteed
for any teacher teaching a minimum of 15 years and are qualified to receive the
retirement benefits. The program is available until the occurrence of the expiration date.