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STLE Commitment to Training

The purpose of the STLE Toronto Section Education

Committee is to share developing technologies in basic
and advanced lubrication for the benefit of all individuals
involved in lubrication. STLE, Toronto Section, for many
years has conducted seminars in a wide variety of topics
to fulfill this commitment.


Registration Form

October 28, 2015

Advances in Lubricant Formulations

and How They Affect the Bottom Line

Radisson Toronto East,

55 Hallcrown Place
Toronto (401 & Victoria Park)

Photocopy and submit one form per applicant

Pre-paid registration should be made
Prior to September 30, 2015

This years Toronto Section Education Course is:

Advances in Lubricant
Formulations and How They
Affect the Bottom Line
Looking at advances in various lubricant formulations and
how important these are in contributing to overall
profitability. Newcomers to the lubricant industry and
long-time associates alike are sure to benefit
tremendously In the past these seminars have helped
lubricant users cut costs by identifying and improving
material selection, identifying improved operating
procedures and developing a greater awareness of
preventative maintenance.
By offering this program we continue in our commitment
to provide quality to our membership and the industry
through sharing our knowledge. We encourage you to
take advantage of this opportunity and plan to attend the
Course Includes: Lubricated Applications, and
Equipment; Base Oils: Mineral Base derived and
Synthetic; Additives, Used in Formulations;
Specialty Greases; Food Grade Lubricants; Gear
Lubrication, and Condition Monitoring

We would encourage you and your

colleagues to take advantage of this
opportunity and plan to attend.

8:00 am - Registration and Coffee

Tribology, Base Oils & Additives
Jim Arner, Pirr Tribology Solutions
Laboratory Testing Methods for Formulations
Wayne Mackwood, Chemtura
Hydraulic Oil Formulations
Lorne Brock Enrol Inc
Gear Oil Formulations
Lorne Brock Enrol Inc


I am:

By Sept 30 2015

Sept 30 2015

STLE Member ___ $375.00 ___ $425.00

Non Member ___ $475.00 ___ $525.00
___ $50.00

*Members laid off and Exec can also pay student fee
The Non-Member registration includes a one year membership

Name: ________________________________
Company: ______________________________
Address: _______________________________

Heavy Duty Engine Oil Formulations

Paul Sampson Lubrizol Canada
4:15 pm - Closing Remarks/Q & A

Postal Code: ______________

Phone: Business _______________________
Home __________________________

Instructors are well known in the industry

and all have many years of experience.
You can learn from the Best.


Flyer Online at:

Education Committee 2015-2016

Ted Austin
Henry Sapiano
Lorne Brock
Paul Sampson
Wayne Mackwood

(Please Print all Information)

Now able to register and pay using Credit Card

Please email or call for details

Fax ____________________________
Email: ________________________________
Make cheques payable to: STLE Toronto Section
Forward Registration form(s) and payment to:

STLE Toronto Section

c/o Lorne Brock
421 Wallace St.
Wallaceburg, Ontario, N8A 1L5
P: 705-321-1192 Fx: 519-628-5688
Now able to register and pay using Credit Card
Please email or call for details

Toronto Section
Corporate Sponsors


STLE Toronto Section

2015 - 2016 Executive

Solongo Wilson
Chemtura Canada Co./CIE

Vice Chair

Brett Lubbock
Petro-Canada Lubricants

Past Chair

Wayne Mackewood
Chemtura Canada Co./CIE


Ed Milanczak


Jim Arner
Pirr Tribology Solution


Andrew Sit
Ontario Power Generation
Brian Zander
Lubrizol Canada

Chem-Ecol Ltd.
Chemtura Canada Co.
Lubrication Engineers of Canada
Lubrizol Canada
L.V. Lomas
Petro-Canada Lubricants
Wear Check Canada


Jim Arner
Pirr Tribology Solutions


Ted Austin
Canoil Canada Ltd
Lorne Brock
Henry Sapiano
Petro-Canada Lubricants


Ken Brown
Eco Fluid Center Ltd.

Eni S.p.A
Howard Marten Company Ltd.
R.T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc.
Unipex Group

Student Affairs George Staniewski

Behshad Sabah
Fuchs Canada


James Szeto


Andrew Sit
Ontario Power Generation

Petro Laboratories

Toronto Section
Education Course
Advances in Lubricant
Formulations and How
They Affect the Bottom
October 28, 2015
Radisson Toronto East
55 Hallcrown Place
Toronto, ON
(401 & Victoria Park)

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