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Product Profile

Insurance Solutions for Individuals


Savings & Wealth Creation Solutions

Cash Plus
Cash Back
Lifetime Super & Lifetime Plus
Life Link Super
Premier Life Gold
Invest Shield Life New Invest Shield Cash back

3. Protection Solutions


Home Assure

4. Child Plans

Education insurance


5. Retirement Solutions

Forever Life

Life Time Super Pension

Life Link Super Pension

6. Health Solution

Health Assure and Health Assure Plus

Cancer Care

7. Group Insurance Solutions

Group Gratuity Plan

Group Superannuation Plan

Group Immediate Annuities

Group Term Plan

8. Flexible Rider Options

Accident & disability benefit

Critical Illness Benefit

Income Benefit

Waiver of Premium

1. ICICI Prudential is No. 1 private life player in India.
2. Innovative insurance policies with rider benefits.
3. Motivation factors provided by the company.
4. One of the largest financial Institution of Indias.
5. Second largest bank with network of 469 branches and 1740 ATMs
across India.
6. A huge database of corporate clients, retail customer, and bank
customers of ICICI.
7. Training provided to all people associating with ICICI prudential.
8. Highest paid up capital deposited in IRDA, in comparison to all players.
9. Assets base of ICICI is more then Rs 1, 08,000 Crores.

1. Very huge premiums of policies.
2. Compare to other insurance sector.
3. Minimum premium is 19000.(Expect tax saving policy only 10,000)
4. Target upper class people only.
5. Policy charges are very high.
6. And problematic to advisors also.
7. Poor distribution is in English language only.

1. Tie up with more corporate agents all over India.
2. Tie up with broker also
3. No. of adopting new technology.
4. Strong Brand of Company Helps to boost sales inn market
5. Attract more people of providing customer centric products

1. Threat from existing life insurance players
2. Threat from new entrance.
3. Threat to substitute products
4. Change in the policy of IRDA
5. Competition from more & more new players
6. People dont aware of different distribution channel