Income Disclosure Statement 2007 Average Monthly Earnings by Rank for All Markets


HIGH $341,503 $208,281 $71,317 $44,610 $21,655 $8,638 $3,645 $9,994 $1,306

LOW $25,775 $10,527 $4,104 $1,356 $108 $23 $10 $10 $10

AVG MONTHLY $115,475 $47,813 $17,144 $10,136 $3,016 $708 $163 $36 $26

AVG ANNUAL $1,385,700 $573,756 $205,728 $121,632 $36,192 $8,496 $1,956 $432 $312

The average monthly commission check paid in 2007 to Active Distributors was $232, or $2,784 annually. The following are the approximate percentages of checks paid by rank to Active Distributors in 2007. Rep.: 5%, Pref. Rep.: 83%, 1K: 10%, 5K: 2%, 20K: .317%, Premier: .075%, 100K: .0423%, 200K: .0177%, 500K: .0027%. These income statistics are based on all Active Distributors during the 2007 calendar year. A “Distributor” is any person who has executed a Distributor Application and is in good standing with the company. “Active” means a Distributor who received a check in a given month. To be issued, a check must be at least $10 USD. Monthly Earnings amounts reflect the actual check amounts. International checks were converted to USD using the exchange rate in effect the day the check was paid. Annualized Earnings were calculated by multiplying the average Monthly Earnings by twelve. Categories represent paid Ranks, not Title. Unilevel checks were counted for the month earned; Powerstart checks were counted for the last day in the period earned. The income statistics reported in this presentation are based on the individual efforts of XanGo Distributors and are not typical of what you can expect. Business success varies widely according to market conditions and the time and effort devoted.

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