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1. First 3 lv2 sleep shots + 1 or 2 lv2 para. Monster goes to sleep.

2. Put bombs. Make more sleep shots Lv2. Fire up bombs.

3. Shot Lv2 para in the right time.
4. Unload all your clips slime s/clust.
5. The same time use craig s on head. Monster is KO'd.
6. Now use 3-4 lv2 sleep shots (the amount of shots which won't put monster to s
leep just yet).
7. Shock trap
8. Use all your clust clips.
9. When monster is out from the trap use lv2 sleep to put it to sleep.
10. Bombs, make more combo lv2 sleep/para. Fire up bombs.
11. Pitfall Trap
12. Lv2 Para till it's paralyzed (in trap).
11. Bombs followed by tranqs.
12. Cap.