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March 30 2011 7.42pm

Auckland Unleashed the discussion document

The discussion document sets out ideas and initial proposals for feedback to help prepare the
draft Auckland Plan. It also asks questions as to how the Auckland Plan can help Auckland
become the best place in the world to live. It is open to anyone to provide comments, all of
which will be carefully considered during the writing of the draft Plan.
This document represents the mayor and councillors' initial ideas for articulating and promoting
a vision for Auckland. The mayor and councillors are clear that the Auckland Plan must be
focussed on both aspiration and delivery.
The six key sections of the document that contain detailed proposals for implementing the
vision, values and goals are:

the "big picture"

people and quality of life
people and economy
people and environment
people and place
people and infrastructure.

You can download the full discussion document (7.9mb PDF), or you can browse these key
sections individually. The full discussion document has more information, including more sections
such as key legacy documents, and information about implementation, monitoring and review.
In each section, ideas are put forward and questions are asked about directions and options that
should or could be considered. The mayor and councillors would like to receive your views on
these ideas to help prepare the draft Auckland Plan for formal consultation, and are keen to
have as wide a range of comments on these ideas as possible.
Of necessity, this document focuses on high-level areas where initiatives are considered or where
we would particularly like to receive comments. The fact that something is not mentioned does
not mean it is not important or, that it will not necessarily be addressed in the Auckland Plan. If
we have left out something important, please tell us.
We want to know what you think

How can we improve on the Auckland Plan proposals discussed in this document in order
to ensure all Aucklanders enjoy a high and sustainable quality of life?
Does the discussion document identify all the strategic challenges Auckland faces, the
issues related to those and the options for addressing them?
How do we celebrate and protect our local identity and networks while being connected
as part of a global city?