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Published by Amy Tenderich

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Published by: Amy Tenderich on Mar 18, 2010
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One cold evening, October 2009, Pokaboos were born…

Founder Yvonne Sidell (a Type II diabetic with high, uncontrolled sugars), was newly prescribed insulin injections up to four times per day. During the insulin class, her doctor provided a chart displaying where shots are placed, but warned her of complications that arise if injections sites are too close in proximity. Despite careful intentions, Yvonne encountered lipohypertrophy shortly after several doses of insulin via the pen. “At the moment my endocrinologist confirmed the injury was made, I was both apprehensive and very scared. Not only was it hard enough to self inject in the first place, I now had to stress over meticulously randomizing shots to prevent this pain from happening again!!!" How is this possible (when those tiny needles don’t leave a trail to follow)? Published medical research acknowledges that a vast majority of people suffer from subcutaneous "skin" tissue damage by not proactively incorporating injection site separation. When damage occurs, it can take several weeks to MONTHS for those inflicted areas to heal before medications are properly absorbed. Realizing that others who also depend on injections for various medical reasons deal with the same dilemma, Yvonne made it a quest to find a solution. “I said to myself, there’s got to be a creative way to rotate injection sites, yet add some fun at the same time…” Pokaboos Injection Site Memory Stamps are non-toxic, latex/acid free, water based stamps with artsy and colorful designs that are easily applied before (or after) a shot by simply touching the memory nib near the injection area. Pokaboos last up to five days (unless washed off in the shower or bath) and uniquely take the guesswork out of tracking shot locations with a design that visually and proactively separates injection sites. Pokaboos are bringing smiles to all ages of people who require subcutaneous injections using the various devices available (pumps, syringes, lancets or pens). Patients who rely on injections for Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis, Cancer and Human Growth Hormones join our list. In addition, seniors and those in assisted living centers benefit from Pokaboos since it helps their caretakers locate prior injection locations. Even doctors, nurses and hospitals give out Pokaboos after IVs, vaccinations or immunizations.

Join the fun... help yourself and others ... with Pokaboos!
Yvonne Sidell noveltyinnovations@gmail.com 925.270.3554

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