Water Conservation: Using the Internet to Make a Change

2nd Grade Meagan Witowich

Demonstrate Safe and Cooperative Use of Technology (5)
This will be accomplished by: - Exploring the NetSmartzKids website as a class first and then with partners - Answering an Internet safety quiz with partners - Discussing classroom rules regarding computer and Internet usage

Demonstrate the Ability to Navigate in Virtual Environments such as Electronic Books, Simulation Software, and Web Sites (6)
This will be accomplished by: - Giving students a list of three websites that focus on environmental issues - Asking students to answer questions pertaining to the information presented on each of the websites - In partners, have students engage in simulation software about water conservation

Identify, Research and Collect Data on an Environmental Issue Using Digital Resources and Propose a Developmentally Appropriate Solution (1,3,4)
This will be accomplished by: - Having students use the Internet to identify, research and collect data about water conservation - Having students brainstorm ways in which they can conserve water

Illustrate and Communicate Original Ideas and Stories Using Digital Tools and Media-Rich Resources (1,2)
This will be accomplished by: - Having students use the information they collected to type of paragraph, using a word document, that illustrates how they will conserve water - Once typed and printed out, students will illustrate a picture of them conserving water - Teacher will make copies and create a packet of all the ways the 2nd grade students will contribute to water conservation

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