Prologue The little girl in my dream was crying in her Disney Princess themed roo m.

Tears were streaming down her face and they were glowing in the dark room. Sh e called out, “Momma! Momma, it hurts!” Her voice was too weak…I could barely ev en hear her. The girl looked over to where I was standing and said a small whisp er of, “Help me.” When I told her I didn’t know how, she tried calling to her mo m again. “Momma! Momma, please! It hurts!” She pounded her fists on her Cinderel la spread. The pink skin tone she had was now completely pale. Her grey eyes wer e starting to close, and her body calmed. The little girl’s face loosened and sh e started to glow. I knew what was going to happen next, she’d die. I saw the ho spital bracelet on her arm. I felt my face sadden when I saw the name….Tanya, my step cousin. Chapter 1 I woke up from the sound of my alarm in tears. I quickly ran to the bathroom to vomit. I washed my face, the salty water mixing with the clear. I looked in the mirror at my tan colored face. I imagined my step dad’s after he found out the n ews about Tanya. He would probably go up to his master and shed a couple of tear s and say a quiet prayer. I brushed my long, curly, and black hair. I slid a headband on. I walked down th e first few steps of our staircase and checked to see if I heard anyone talking on the phone. All I heard was the sound of a spatula and the smell of bacon. I r an back up stairs quietly and opened my closet. Today was going to be a hard day as usual. Well, for me to be exact. Chapter 2 “Good morning, Avi.”My mother said as I took a seat at the counter. Mom was stan ding at the oven putting pancakes on a plate with bacon, eggs, and toast. “Morni ng.”I said trying to sound as casual as possible. Her brown hair twirled as she turned to smile. Her light wood skin was starting to wrinkle as she got older. My brown eyes stared at her dirty shirt. “Mom, you got grease on your shirt.”I s aid. She looked down and sighed. “Well, looks like I’m going to have to change.” I gave her a sympathy smile. “Good morning ladies!”Chris said as he came down t he steps. His blue suit was color coordinated with his black and shiny loafers. He looked at mom’s shirt and gave her kiss on the forehead. He looked at me and gave a bigger kiss. “Oh, so Avi gets the better kiss?”My mom asked sarcasticall y as she grabbed a piece of bacon. Mark said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you coul d be so jealous.” He leaned over and started kissing her neck. “Please, not in t he kitchen! That’s what a master bedroom is for!”My brother Michael said as he c ame downstairs. He was wearing his old Levi’s and Nikey’s. Mom laughed and said, “We apologize. Now, eat up and get to school.” “Um, speaking of eat, are you go nna eat that piece of bacon? It’s calling my name.”Chris asked. “Here, I know yo u don’t get anything at work.” “Thanks.”Chris said as he now stood by the door. “Bye, kids and bye wife!”He called. We all waved and Chris took his signal to le ave. Michael nudged me. “Levi’s too, huh? Guess it runs in the family.”He said w hile he chewed his bacon. “Dude, chew with your mouth closed, you’re seventeen.” I complained. “Uh, last time I checked I taught you how to chew.” “Stupid, that doesn’t even make any sense! You can’t teach people how to chew, it’s a natural” - “Ok, ok. Just eat. Michael don’t play with your sisters mind.”Mom said. Michae l sighed. “I can’t have any fun, can I?”He laughed. “You may when you move out.” Mom answered. “Yeah, I’m full. I have to meet Farrah soon.”I said as I pushed my plate to the other side of counter to wash it. “Ok, see ya.”Michael said as he kissed me on m y forehead. “Mom, this is illegal! Now, I have his D.N.A.!”I screamed. I hated w hen Michael kissed me. “What did I say?”Mom asked Michael. He buried his head ba ck in his cereal. “See you later mom.”I said as I gave her a hug when I was done washing my dish until it sparkled. “Ok, I’ll miss you.”Mom said. “Love you. Say good-bye to that thing for me.”I said as I pointed to my brother. He moved four fingers and stuck the middle one up quickly. “I love you too, Michael.”I said i gnoring Michael’s stupidity since, Mom was in the room. I grabbed my backpack an

d headed out the garage door. I got in my white Volvo and threw my backpack in the back seat. My Volvo roared to life as I put the key into the ignition. I put my seat belt on and departed f rom home. I drove to Farrah’s home rushing to explain my dream to her. “What!”Farrah said after I told her about my dream. Her cherry red hair came out her ponytail and the green eyes on her pale skin waited for an explanation. “I don’t know either. All I know is that she had a hospital bracelet on.”I said as I turned to face our school, Starr High. Farrah turned the radio down. “I’m sorr y about your cousin Avi.”She said. “It’s cool. I mean she was close to us and al l but, she’s in a better place.”I said as a teen with a black short sleeved shir t bumped into my side view mirror. His books dropped and he bent down to pick th em up between the red Ford truck next to him. His muscles showed through his shi rt and his shorts were denim. His green Vans were dirty. “Hey! Watch it!”I said as Zac Angelo’s face looked up at me. “Sorry.”He said. He looked at the mirror. “I don’t see any scratches but, if it doesn’t work or something”-I cut him off. “No, it’s ok. It’s fine.”I said. I loo ked at his caramel skin and dark brown eyes. His black hair had the shape of a M ohawk but wasn’t. His hair was silky like he’d just come from a swimming pool. H e reminded me of a cute Native American with huge muscles. Wait, kind of like Ta ylor Lautner? Yeah, similar…very similar to be exact. “Um, okay.”Zac said apologetically. “You’re Avi Sanchez, right? We have history together?” I was surprised that he recognized me. “Yeah, that’s me.”I said. “I t hought I remembered you!”He said as he smiled. His teeth were perfectly shiny an d straight. “Ok, I gotta get going but, I will see you in history.”Zac said. “Al right, um bye.”I said very much like an idiot. Zac ran as fast as he could throu gh the rest of the cars. “That was weird.”Farrah said. “I can’t believe what just happened.”I said thinki ng about Zac’s face. “Anyway, what are you going to do about Tanya?”Farrah asked concerned. I swear she’d do anything to ruin my day. “I don’t know. I can’t pre vent the girl from dying.”I replied as I looked in the mirror at my tan skin. I fixed my hair and shirt, trying to move my boobs up. “Excuse me Mrs. Angelo but, do you think all that is necessary?”Farrah asked as she smiled. “Yep.”I answere d quickly while putting cherry lip gloss on. “Can you grab my backpack?”I asked Farrah. She got out the car and her short black dress blew in the cold air of wi nter. How could “Taylor” be wearing shorts? Farrah handed me my backpack as I stood by the trunk. I looked at her red lipsti ck and black eye shadow. Farrah smiled. “I wanted to try the gothic style.”Farra h said reading my mind. Usually, she would wear some skinny jeans and a shirt th at was never plain. It would say something like, “Damn, this girl rocks!” or “I feel lucky.” We walked and I heard high heels. I looked down and saw green high heels. “You k now, I don’t think Goths wear pumps.”I said. Farrah gave me a mean look. “Well, I do. I’m the new Goth trendsetter.”Farrah said as we walked through the doors o f Starr High. “Where the hell”- my friend James said as he stood by the first few lockers of t he school. He looked at Farrah and laughed. “I mean what the hell, are you weari ng Farrah?”James asked. “Ugh! I am not explaining my sense of fashion to anyone else!”Farrah screamed. “Sorry, it’s not my fault you need the fashion police.”Ja mes said as I looked at his skinny jeans and Jordans. He had on an orange shirt with a red and black striped tie over it. His shirt read, “OMG, I have to pee!” Farrah gave him the evil eye and he smiled.“Then, go use the bathroom!”I joked a s I caught his attention. James laughed and his eyes closed. James was Asian and one of the nicest guy’s I’d ever met. “I tried but, Charles was using it!”He said annoyed. I gave him a half smile. We continued walking until we reached each other’s lockers. “So, I heard that Lisa United,”- I laughed before James continued. “United?”I said trying to keep a s traight face. He gave me a funny look. “I know right? Anyway she is now dating P ercy.” “What is wrong with her?”Farrah asked. James laughed. “If it’s not Nick W aters, then nobody’s good enough for you.”I said putting Farrah in check. “It’s true.”Farrah said.

James pulled out his math book.“Come on’ Avi!”

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