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Pursuit of knowledge

People involved:
Any and every one in the world
Formal/informal language, learning new
languages, many different types of
interactions with people
To be a cultured , intellectual, and decent
human being, to know as much as you can
about everything, be well read and astute.

To visit every country on my bucket list,
bring my cousins to Europe, to visit
Formal/Informal language, use of
Spanish ,English and French
People involved:




People involved:
Coach, My dad, myself, my sister,
teammates, friends

Mostly informal, rarely formal,
To be dependable, make them proud,
help them reach their potential, to be
more independent.

Informal/Formal langauge with coaches
vs players, different languages with
Be the best I can be by being the
fastest,smartest,hardest working, to
play professionally or semi-pro at least.
To make my dad proud and myself

People invloved:
Mom, Dad, Aunt, Grandma, Sisters,


Discourse community response

My name is Jorge Quezada I am a pre-engineering transfer from The Hague
in Holland. I have lived in various places in the US and Belgium, but was born
here in El Paso I am of Mexican decent. I speak English, Spanish, French and
conversational Dutch. I like to play soccer, FIFA, spend time with my family,
travel, and learn new things.

First, in communities is soccer currently I just play within the school team. I
use the same language with everyone. Before I came to El Paso I had a more
formal communication with my coach and prior coaches over the ages. Now it
is informal since there is no coach, just an ex-player, that runs the program.
There are several times I practice on my own as well as play with friends and
family. I can safely say that this is the discourse I enjoy the most besides
seeing friends and family.

My father has always really shaped this community and was also the one who
entered me into it. He really pushed me and encouraged me to pursue my
dreams of playing professionally. I have always wanted him to be proud of me.
My goals for this particular discourse community is to hopefully play
professionally. Although its pretty farfetched, nothing is impossible, at the very
least I want to be semi-pro or at least be recognized for my skills. I want to
work hard and be completely self-realized.

Second, is my family community, which is also very important to me. There

are many people in my family, but I am closer to a certain number of them. My
three sisters, my father and mother are a huge part of my life. Right now I live
with my grandma and grandpa and I see my three closest cousins very often
and they are like brothers to me. I do have sisters though which live in
Brussels with whom I speak to on a daily basis. The communication between
my family and I is mostly informal. We speak both in Spanish and English and
with one sister occasionally in a different language to practice. I rarely speak
formally with my family because we are close. My goals with my family are
firstly, to make my parents proud by succeeding academically. Second to
persue a career to be able to provide for my future family. Another thing I

would like to fulfill is to be dependable for any member of my family that needs
me. I would like to guide my younger family members. Learn from the older
family members and the more successful ones. Lastly, I want to be able to
stand on my own two feet as soon as possible and to not be a burden to
anyone but rather an asset.

Third, traveling for me is something that I have been doing all my life. From
moving to Miami when I was two then to Houston, Washington D.C, Brussels,
The Hague and now I am back in my birthplace. From each place I would
travel with my family to places nearby. I enjoyed all the places I have ever
been to, but my favorite was Europe. Overall I have been to 15 countries
between Europe and the Middle East.

Every place has its significance and its own culture. I felt I picked something
up from every place I went to not just literally, but metaphorically as well. Its a
warm and different feeling visiting all of these places. It is interesting to see
how people in various areas of the world live differently from us. There was a
myriad of languages that I heard over my many times traveling and could only
speak and understand an insignificant portion of them. It was really eyeopening to see the true diversity that exists in the world. My main goal is to
travel to many new places. There are an abundance of new amazing places
that I have never been to, for example: the Giza Pyramids, Tokyo, and the
Grand Canyon. Additionally, I would like to take my cousins with me for us to
experience traveling together.

Lastly, is my pursuit of knowledge community, which is something very

important to me. Knowledge is everywhere and there are just an infinite
amount of things to know in the world. The fact that we know almost nothing
about a lot of subjects surprises me. There is always something that can be
learned even when you are at your deathbed that even the brightest and most
genius people do not know at all. For me, it all starts with myself reading just
about everything I find interesting. Most of the time I read from my phone,
online, and books. Another obvious place in my pursuit of knowledge is
school. Learning about my current subjects expands my horizons for my

People that are involved in this community, which is just about everyone, I
come in contact with you can learn something new. The language used is
different depending on your professor, peer, or stranger. Most of the time it is
formal but at times you can have informal talks with friends or peers.
Moreover, my goals for this particular discourse community is to be well read
in my area of expertise. I want to be well educated on the subjects that matter
to me in life such as: politics, economics, science, life skills etc. Likewise, on
hobbies such as soccer history, anime, and fashion equally matter to me and
can learn more from them. Although you learn much from reading, viewing TV
is just as beneficial with its messages and images it gets across. There is no
end to the things we can learn in life and my main goal is soak as much of it
as possible.

Conclusively, these four communities are the ones most prominent in my life.
Soccer, has always been a part of my life, and is my main source of fun and
excitement and will continue to be forever. Family is truly a huge part of my life
both in inspiring and supporting me. Traveling, exploring, and adventuring new
places and the experience of being a nomad is something that has really
made me who I am. Finally, my pursuit of knowledge, which is never-ending,
there is always something to learn on a daily basis and it really formed how I
think and act. Overall each of these communities has shaped me and are
continuing to shape me into a self-realized, hardworking, cultured, and
intellectual human being.

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