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The artifact I picked suits SLOs in action perfectly.

The artifact is my notes for my

LBST class for informational entropy. Not only do the notes refer to some of the
SLOs, the class as whole is almost the study of them. Let me explain, The class is
titled: Language--Where Can It Take Us?. That alone should give you a hint as to
how the notes/class as whole is in relation to the SLOs.
To begin, it would be important to elaborate on the fact that this class is
based on our words, and our processes to make them. The SLOs presented are all
processes we often go through every day or at least every school day. Us humans
have finely grained processes in our brain, which give us a high level of entropy, a
level almost completely out of reach of lesser animals. Animals have very short to
the point communication thats read very easily and nothing more to it. Humans, on
the other hand, have comparably longer communication, a kind thats far more
sought out and expanded. We, unlike animals, have grammar, making us much
smarter and able to raise the question of and perform tasks that involve processes
of rhetorical knowledge, critical reading, composing processes, knowledge of
conventions, or critical reflection.
Knowledge of conventions is used every day and represented in these notes.
Knowledge of conventions is the process of knowing what typically happens/occurs.
As human beings we naturally do this without even thinking. For example, If Im
watching a movie with my friend matt, the movie ends, and a big smile runs across
my face and I start to utter the phrase wow. That was a reallyterrible movie. My
friend matt is probably really confused right now. He probably assumed due to the
smile across my face and beginning to utter the words wow. That was really that
I was going to say amazing or great. Now that Matt notices me not complying
with his knowledge of conventions, he feels inclined to ask why I felt that way about
said movie.
The easiest one to point out and accidently already hinted at is, composing
processes. We naturally are always doing this, when: figuring out a math problem,
trying to talk to a cute person in your class, when talking about pop culture with a
friend, or when arguing with a significant other.We compose processes for
everything we do. In reference to my artifact, language itself is its own composed
process. Grammar, nouns, verbs, adjectives, slang, etc. All composed into making
the process of speaking to one another, which all derive from processes made up
within each of our brains.
Lastly, is critical reflection. We almost do as naturally as we do knowledge of
conventions. When my metaphorical friend Matt noticed I said something different
than what was expected, he critically reflected on why I would smile after an awful
movie. With this artifact itll tell you that thats how were built; to fall into
conventions and reflect on everything that goes on around us.
This artifact speaks to a who world of these terms and to us as humans. I feel
like they properly put to action by my artifact. I feel through the artifact and
through these terms, I can learn a lot about writing, processes, and the human mind
as a whole.