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Tiona A.

IT is not luck. I was born with IT!
1425 Derhake, Florissant, Mo., 63033| 314.769.1651 | |

Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, Mo. | Public Relations
University of Missouri St. Louis, St. Louis, Mo. | General Education
General Member, AdInk: Student Advertising Club | NWMSU
Nodaway County Humane Society | Maryville, Mo.
Special Olympics |Maryville, Mo.

Aug. 2011-Dec. 2015

June 2010-Aug. 2010
Aug. 2014-Current
Sept. 2014-Current
Feb. 2013-Feb. 2013

Media Relations Intern, University of Marketing & Communications | NWMSU
Working under Mark Hornickel, I conduct and transcribe interviews. Write weekly press releases.
Attend university events and Alumni Magazine meetings. I also network with NWMSU Alumni.
Team Member, Einstein Brothers Bagels | NWMSU
Jan. 2015-Current
Work under Lynette Gellar, with a team of four student workers during assigned, in assisting customers
with orders. Prep food for current and following business days. Operate cash register.
AdInk Portrait Team Member, AdInk advertising Club | NWMSU
Aug. 2015-Current
Under the supervision of Jaqueline Lamer, a team of six students and I participated in a two week
training session. During this training session, we took photos of students, practiced on lighting and
position. Applied training to Mock Interview day portraits. Took professional photos of NWMSU
students. Fundraising for AdInk organization.
AdInk Nike Video Team, AdInk advertising Club | NWMSU
Oct. 2015-Current
With help from Lisa Bishop, I am leading a group of seven students. We are in the process of
developing short vines promoting AdInk to a Nike representative. Set up weekly meetings.
Brainstorming ideas. Assigning task to group members.
PR Intern, St. Louis Ambush Professional Indoor Soccer Team | St. Louis, Mo.
May 2015-Aug. 2015
I worked under Kevin Fowler, promoted the organization branding with street teams. Increased
community engagement by informing supports of the organization. Networked to potential spectators.
Sold merchandise to customers. Assisted with event planning, and developed skills with client
Mailing List Team Member, Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation | NWMSU
Jan. 2015-Sept. 2015
Compiled mailing list based on potential target audience. Applied strategic systematic plan to outline
specific needs of target audience. Created an electronic and print copy flyer for Wine Fest Event.
Social Media Plan Member, Social Media Strategies Class | NWMSU
Jan. 2015-May-2015
As a team project a group of classmates and myself, worked on account management for the Nodaway
County Historical Society. Established organizational problems, and solutions to those problems.
Designed a social campaign planning strategy to increase membership, volunteers, and Facebook likes.
Used Facebook analytics to monitor social media engagement.
Account Management.
Organizational Branding.
Event Planning.
Writing Press Release

Fundraising Experience.

Leadership Positions.
Teamwork/team building.
Social Media Planning.
Community Engagement.