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All rights reserved: I picked this

for as i like the fact that all

letters are in their own block of
black, as this makes it bold and
would stand out on a front cover
of a magazine. i also like the
fact it is easily recognised.

Universal serif: I like this font as

the letters all stand individually
and bold. This give off the
impression of individuality within
the audience.

Handful of Nothing: I picked this

font as it gave off a distorted
look. As the bands my
magazines feature are in the
rock genre i think it fits in well
with that.
KGDefyingGravity: I like this
font as all the letters are
together in the same
background. i think it works well
and would stand out on a cover.
TypoSlab Irregular: this font is
very basic, which means i
could focus more on the
content of the magazine cover
to grip the audience.

Sex_Pistols: I like this font as none

of the letters are of the same sized
which gives off a unique feel. Its
also an easily recognised font.

Slabs_Thin: i chose this font as it is

very similar to TypoSLab, however
this one isn't as bold. is it very basic
and very much like TypoSLab
means you can draw the audience
in with the content of the cover, not
the masthead.
Fine Style: This font is very square
and gives off the impression that the
magazine is for an older audience.
however i dont thin this font would
be suitable for a magazine cover as
it seems too formal for the audience i
want to interest.
Philosophers-Regular: This font is
very basic yet would have a big
impact on the magazine if chosen for
my masthead. It shows that the
magazine is of an older age and
would stand out well along with the
rest of the cover.
Futrfw: This font is very simple and
basic. All the letters are of the same
size and evenly spaced out which
makes it seem more mature and
uniformed. as it is so plain it mean
that the audience can focus more on
the rest of the magazine.