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TRUST 606 WE WILL RISE AGAIN G Melody 1, Like a shep-herd Twill feed you; I will gath = er you with 2 1 am strength — fo the wea = 1y; to the weak = I am new at Fear rot, T am with — you; —____ 1 am — your Organ G FIG IG I will lead — ‘Though the young Twill strengthen you hold you _____ close to my wea - Ty, Twill be their help — you; up - hold you with my C G GB c Dsus D_ Gad G GB we ) and not grow wea - ry, for our “en: Based on ch 21,25 28-20 sD Hes b 197 asi: Dad Haas organ cc by Craig Krgsbuy by 182. Texan rst 185, fee, avd Maes Published by OCP. lrg resened rust 606WE WILL RISE AGAIN, cont. (2) Caddo D G DG Am — EmG Dsus4 D will be our strength, and we like the ca - gle, up your eyes, s who made the stars. yd 3. lead you, and I know_ you, call youeach by name,