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Bali Bag

As seen in QUILT magazine • January 2007 issue
Designed by Nancy Hyde using fabrics and batik ribbon
from Bali Fabrics Inc. •

Place lining inside bag with wrong sides together. fold bag in half across the width. attach three knitted squares together Knit Knit square square using preferred method. Step 4 Layer lining fabric and fusable interfacing together. for top and bottom of bag. 3). Step 7 With right sides together. sew these two 2" x 18-1/2" strips to remaining fabric strips. Step 10 Bag Handles: Iron fusable interfacing to two 2" x 18-1/2" fabric strips. Join NOTE: Knitted sides are not joined together. This will form the four corners of Knit Knit the sides of the bag. repeat Steps 7 through 9 to create lining corners.Bali Bag Cutting Directions: From assorted fabrics cut: (16) 5-1/2" squares (4) 2" x 18-1/2" strips Materials Requirements Assorted Bali Prints 1-1/2 yards total Lining 1/2 yard Bali Strips 4 skeins 1/2" wide Four Buttons Knitting Directions: From fabric strips knit: (6) 5-1/2" stockinette stitch squares Use size 11 needles. Pull out Figure 1 corners and sew A and B squares to C and D squares. D A Step 12 Add decorative buttons to complete bag. With right sides together. C B A A Fold line = D A C B B Sew together B Figure 2 Figure 3 . Step 2 Sew 5-1/2" squares together in strips. to make lining and interfacing. E and F squares. Quilt the two layers of bag and C G interfacing together. Pin handles to knitted square corners. square square Step 9 With right sides together. Repeat on other side to complete the bag (Fig. Step 5 Press fusable interfacing to flat bag. Knit Step 8 Repeat Step 7 to join C and D squares. 2). Trace around edge of entire bag. Hand-stitch lining. This will form one corner of the bag (Fig. B F Pin flat bag on top. Step 6 Place lining fabric aside. Step 11 For lining. 1). join A and B squares. D H square and G and H squares. matching seam lines. Join strips together to Knit A E square complete the body of the bag (Fig. cast on 18 stitches Bag Construction Step 1 Referring to the bag diagram. handles and knitted squares together. Step 3 Join the knitted top and bottom units to body of Sew together the bag using top-stitching. Turn inside out to complete handles.