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Morgan Brown

Mrs. Vickrey
British Lit/2nd Block
21 October 2015
7 Commandments
Living in a society requires cooperation, and without cooperation, society is broken. To assure
that this doesnt occur, certain guidelines must be presented. If these guidelines arent obeyed, society
shall fall.
The most common issue in society is not respecting ones personal property. Stealing or using
without permission will not be tolerated. Without trust, no one will consider working together. This is
why all citizens must respect others property.
One problem that has recently shown up is personal space invasion. Being too close to a person
can make them uncomfortable and rejecting. Breaking the space barrier shows that one has no respect, so
no person shall invade another persons space without permission. Choosing to invade someones space
shows lack of self-control. It also shows that there is lack of self-awareness in a person. Not knowing to
keep ones distance is a serious problem.
Trespassing onto another persons land or property is now prohibited. Reports have shown that
trespassers disturb the peace of residents as well as their safety. Safety issues goes for the trespasser as
well. Wandering onto unknown land can be dangerous due to the fact that residents may feel threatened.
Another danger could be the land itself with holes, tools, and other hazardous obstacles.
A person who disturbs the peace with loudness or disruptive behavior are now breaking the law.
Attempts to purposely disturb others shows that there is no respect towards other citizens. There is no

point of ruining the peace when one could simply keep to themselves and not be a nuisance to others.
Once there are too many complaints, a consequence must be administered
Over time, bullying and annoying others has grown exponentially but this is where it must finally
end. No person has the right to disregard or disrespect another person. Breakage of this law will not
benefit society in any way, shape, or form. Punishment will be great if it is reported or seen.
Killing yourself as well as others around you isnt permutable. Smoking kills from the inside out
and is very harmful to both the smoker and those surrounding the smoker. Keeping the air clean is the
right thing to do rather than have toxic chemicals floating around. Clean air is vital to society and it must
remain pure to preserve its purpose.
All able citizens shall now be required to lend a helping hand to those in dire need. If any
ordinary situation occurs, one is now required to attempt to help the person in need. If it is too dangerous
for the person to act, remain calm and allow professionals to control the situation.
These are the simple steps that one must take to better society. Keeping all as one is key to the
most cooperative society. Cooperation is key and it must continue to get more durable, not fragile.