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Mother of Sorrows Church

4202 Old William Penn Highway
Murrysville, PA 15668
Phone: 724-733-8870
Fax: 724-733-8108

Parish Community Strengthen

and deepen the experience and understanding of Mother of Sorrows
Church as a visible community of
disciples who serve each other.
Parish Faith Formation and
Education Plan and implement a
comprehensive Faith Formation program that engages all generations of
Mother of Sorrows Parish in becoming better informed and committed
disciples of Jesus Christ.
Parish Liturgy and Music Expand and diversify the liturgical and
music program of the parish to increase participation in the celebration of the Sunday Eucharist.
Parish OutreachSocial Ministry
Align and expand parish outreach
programs to re0lect the major themes
of Catholic Social Teaching and the
mission of Mother of Sorrows
Parish Finances To provide longterm 0inancial viability and stability
that supports the parish mission by
implementing a comprehensive plan
to address annual parish operations,
capital replacement and improvement needs, and a planned-giving
and endowment program.
Parish Technology Develop and
implement a comprehensive technology plan to support the pastoral outreach and communication initiatives
of the parish.

Mother of Sorrows
Murrysville, PA
Enhanced Offertory

...we stand by one another

Offertory Commitment Form

Mother of Sorrows Mission Statement

Our mission,
is to form disciples of Jesus Christ
in the image of our Mother of Sorrows.

Online Giving

Mother of Sorrows Church is
recommending a new option for
making your contributions. You can
now create an account online for
your offertory donations that can be
changed at anytime.

Follow these steps:

1 Visit
and click Online Giving.

2 Click on Sunday Offering.

3 Click Recurring Donation and
enter your donation amount and

If you have any questions about
online giving, call the Parish Of0ice at

Like Mary,
standing at the foot of the Cross,
we stand by one another with deep
by reaching out to share

We gratefully return a portion of what

God has given us by increasing our
weekly contribution to Mother of
Sorrows Church for 2016.

I/we intend to contribute:
___ $200 weekly ___ $25 weekly
___ $100 weekly ___ $20 weekly
___ $80 weekly ___ $15 weekly
___ $60 weekly ___ $10 weekly
___ $40 weekly ___$8 weekly

$_____ weekly $_____ monthly
Family Information:


the joys and sorrows of daily life

in our homes, schools,






workplace, community and world.

This mission is rooted in Baptism
and renewed weekly
by our participation in the Sunday


I/We understand that Offertory
contributions are tax deductible to the
full extent of the law and that all
information provided herein is



To reply: Place in the collection
basket, return to the Parish Of0ice or
mail to Mother of Sorrows Church.