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Lori D. Patton, Brian K. Bridges, and

Lamont A. Flowers. "Effects of Greek
affiliation on African American students'
engagement: Differences by college racial
composition." College Student Affairs
Journal 29.2 (2011): 113-123.

Black students engaged in

Greek life are ultimately
more likely to have a
rigorous course load, more
active in the classroom, as
well as collaboration in
learning. According to the
Cronbach Alpha Scale,
these greek students are
more likely to interact
positively with faculty and
have a more positive
outlook on the campus

Black Greek life

has a positive
effect on those
who choose to
participate in it

Scott-Sheldon, L. A. J., Carey, K. B., &

Carey, M. P. (2008). Health Behavior and
College Students: Does Greek Affiliation
Matter? Journal of Behavioral Medicine,
31(1), 6170.

As compared to nonGreek affiliated students,

those who are Greek tend
to behave differently.
While Greeks were not
found to smoke more
cigarettes than nonGreeks, they were found
to smoke marijuana more
frequently. Greek
members drank
significantly more in more
copious amounts. As far as
sexual health, Greeks have
more unsafe sex practices.
They participate in sexual
behavior under the
influences of either drugs
or alcohol a lot more
frequently. In addition to
this, Greeks also use less
contraceptives and
perceive themselves to be
more at risk for
contracting the HIV

This does show

that Greek life can
have a negative
effect on college
students. They are
shown to
participate in more
negative behaviors.

Crenshaw, A. (2004). Undergraduate

The member intake

I think that is very

members perceptions of the current

process is more selective
membership intake process: Among
and extensive than that of
selected Black Greek-lettered organizations. non- NPHC organizations.
Previously, hazing was
considered a necessary
evil even so far as being
mandatory. Before
consideration, a
prospective member must
meet certain credit, GPA,
volunteer hours etc.
The Impact of Membership in Black GreekLetter Organizations on Black Students'
Involvement in Collegiate Activities and
Their Development of Leadership Skills
Walter M. Kimbrough and Philo A.
The Journal of Negro Education
Vol. 67, No. 2 (Spring, 1998) , pp. 96-105
Published by: Journal of Negro Education
Stable URL:

It has been proven through

many experiments that
being apart of a BGLO has
a large notable impact on
students. Those who
participate are statistically
more confident in their
leadership abilities and
considerably more
involved. Although BGLO
are most often in the news
for negative reasons

Kappa Delta Website

Students' out-of-class experiences and their
influence on learning and cognitive
development: A literature review.
Terenzini, Patrick T.; Pascarella, Ernest T.;
Blimling, Gregory S.
Journal of College Student Development,
Vol 37(2), Mar-Apr 1996, 149-162.
Sigma Phi Epsilon
The company he keeps : a history of white
college fraternities

This article shows the

correlation between all out
of class experiences on a
college campus and Greek
affiliates (PHA/ IFC)

beneficial for
NPHC to have a
more selective
intake process. It
makes Greek life
more special and
supports the
exclusivity that
Greek life gives