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Awareness Talk on Mental Health Issues Themed

Mental Illness is Nobodys Fault by MHAS.

Miri, 25th September 2015- The Mental Health Association of

Sarawak (Miri Branch) conducted an awareness talk themed
Mental Illness is Nobodys Fault. The awareness talk was held
on the 24th September 2015 at the Rumah Kenyalang near
Tanjong Lobang, Miri. The talk on awareness was held by the
organization to promote an awareness and understanding of
mental health issues. It was also to change peoples mindset on
misunderstanding and stigma which eventually becomes a wall
that prevents people with mental health issues to get the right
help at the right time that they need.
The awareness talk was officiated by a very prominent person
in Malaysia, the Health Minister of Malaysia (Datuk Seri Dr .S.
Subramaniam) and also by Dr. Adeline Wong, chairperson of
Mental Health Association of Sarawak. Datuk Seri said the
percentage affected by mental illness, depression and anxiety
disorder is the most common type of mental illness and also






understanding influences the public to incorrectly interpret

psychiatric symptoms and this causes significant barriers in
communicating their distress to mental health professionals.
As per the most recent National Health and Morbidity Survey, 13% of grownups and 20% of kids are experiencing some type of mental illness. On occasion

variables, for example, conviction frameworks, correspondence styles and

social comprehension impacts people in general to inaccurately decipher
psychiatric side effects and this reasons noteworthy obstructions in imparting
their trouble to psychological mental health experts.
"The public ought to be mindful about the vicinity of mental experts, for
example, general specialists who are prepared in psychological wellness,
therapists, clinical clinicians and advisors in their groups. Poor learning results
in the unwillingness of individuals with dysfunctional behavior to follow and
consent to emotional wellness medications," said Dr. Adeline Wong.
To address this issue Datuk Seri Dr.Subramaniam invited Malaysian Psychiatric
Association (MPA) and the Malaysian Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Association (MPA's) plan to work with Bank Negara (National Bank) to help
people with dysfunctional behavior to acquire a medical coverage arrangement
"It is in reality a decent arrangement. Bank Negara is surely understood for its
capacity in directing the protection approaches in our nation, however growing
any protection arrangement scope will influence the expense of the premium
and that is without a doubt going to be a test for us to handle," Datuk Seri
For more points of interest and data of the occasions of Mental Health
Association of Sarawak (Miri Branch) runs, compassionate visit their Facebook
page "MHAS MIRI" furthermore to know more data on psychological wellness
individuals have the capacity to utilize the hashtag #MHASMIRI furthermore
email or contact their office number at (085433214).