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POSTER MAP OF THE ELEMENTS OF FICTION ame’ Title: Date: Author: Publisher and year: Directions: Create a poster displaying the important elements of the novel. The poster should be large enough for all class members to view. The information should be represented in a concise, accurate manner, Feel free to be creative, original, and colorful. Character (Protagonist) Ina paragraph or character map include the following: + physical and personality description * background information * problems and decision-making Try to draw or cut out a picture. Plot In a paragraph or sequence chart include the following: © a short summary * the conflicv/problem « the resolution to the problem Draw plot diagram. Print and Underline the Title, Author, and Publisher ew Vocabulary (1-3) Do the following: * print the word in large letters * copy the sentence from the book and page # * guess at the contextual meaning ‘include the dictionary meaning and source write an original sentence Setting Tell where and when the story takes place include pictures of the most important or interesting places. Symbol Draw or cut out a picture of an object that has a special meaning in the book or that can represent the book in a symbol Mood ‘Complete three sentence that show when your feelings were strongly felt. 1 felt _ during the part in the story when State the message of the book in one sentence and explain it