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The Hopi and Navajo

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Hopi Indian location

Northeastern Arizona, surrounded by The

They also lived in New Mexico

The Hopi Indians

According to legend, the ancestors of the Hopi tribe

migrated from various locations and settled near the
Grand Canyon. Legend also portrays a peaceful
people, willing to cooperate with others to improve
their life.

Hopi Woman (circa 1905)

Hopi Girl With Squash

Blossom Hair (circa 1905)
(hair style signifies an
unmarried woman)

Hopi homes

They lived in pueblos

They live in pueblos that are made of stone

and mud and stand several stories high.

Hopi home

Hopi home

Navajo Indian location

Window Rock, Arizona, the Navajo Nation


Artist's rendition of the Pueblo Grande platform mound,

by Michael Hampshire.

Anasazis the ancient ones in the Navajo language

farmed in the desert using irrigation.
built large houses called pueblos out of adobe, or sun-dried bricks
pueblos could shelter hundreds of families at a time

Cliff Palace,
Mesa Verde Na
tional Park

Homes ofthe navajo indians

Navajo homes

The Navajo Indians lived in homes called

hogans. They are made from wooden poles,
tree bark, and mud. The doorway opened to
the east so they could welcome the sun.

The Navajos learned to farm from the Pueblos and made called
hogans, which were houses made of mud plaster over a foundation of
wooden poles.

It was filled with light from an

opening at the top of the
ceiling which was about two
feet square. The hogan,
because of its thick earthen
walls, is cool during the heat
of the summer and warm
during winter.

About 500 years ago, the

Apaches and Navajos
appeared in the Southwest.
The Apaches and Navajos
were hunters that frequently
raided Pueblo fields for food.

Apache warrior

Hopi and Navajo Indian clothes

Men wore a straight sleeved or sleeveless shirt of

undyed, native cotton, worn like a poncho made out
of deer skin.
Women wore an undyed cotton robe.


The Navajo Indians were great

farmers. Thats why they
moved to the south because it
was warmer there and they
could grow more food.
The Navajo Indians hunted
mammoths until they became
extinct. They used the bones for

Food of the Navajo


The Navajo Indians herded sheep and

ate them and used their wool for
Then they began to hunt buffalo, also
known as bison, as well as collect
wild plants for food.
They also learned to grow maize, or
corn, that was their most common

Hopi Recreation/ Crafts

The Hopi tribe made many crafts. They

made baskets, cloths, and jewelry.
The men made the cloths for their
family. Women also made pottery.

Hopi Culture
-The Hopi have many religious
ceremonies. They had a under
ground religious room called a kiva to
hold service.
-They also had dolls called Kachinas to
teach the children about each spirits
powers. These dolls were not for
playing they were for learning.
-They held rain dances to ask the
spirits to bring water to their crops.

Navajos Culture

When the Navajos -or dine as they

called themselves - needed healing they
called upon a medicine man- they called
him a singer.


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