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Miss Reynolds & Mrs.

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Important Dates

October 25, 2013

Friday, November 1st: No


We have had a great week! The children

loved our field trip today. Next week is a VERY busy week for us with our
class mass on Wednesday, Halloween on Thursday and no school on Friday.

Wednesday, November 6th:

We wanted to address a few things about our math program. The proAll Saints Day Mass & Party gram we use teaches the same concepts as most people are familiar with historically, but the material is presented in a different way. The children are beImportant Information: ing introduced to more critical thinking and word problems. While there is
some learning curve in this teaching style, we believe it will be very beneficial
Following Directions / An- to the children in the future. That said, we are encouraging the children to
swering questions: We have show their work for ALL word problems. This is going to take some adjustment. However, please encourage this during homework. If they do not show
noticed the children struggling to
their work, then they will be asked to re-do that problem showing their work
follow oral and written directions.
and be given only partial credit for their answer.
It is imperative that they learn to
master this skill. Please help us
reinforce this at home. We will be
sending back all work that is not
complete or done correctly because they have not followed the
A Look Ahead:
directions. Please make sure they
Reading: We will continue our focus on: reading to self , listen to
are reading the directions at home.
reading and add in word work. Our word work will focus on verbs,
Some ideas to help encourage acnouns and articles, which we will be calling noun markers.
tive listening and reading written
directions might include: writing a Religion: Next week we will be doing Chapter 8 on the Smartboard.
list of chores, asking the children Math: We will continue our new unit on Chapter 3. This chapter focuses on graphing, mean, median and mode. Please make sure to
to go step by step, or checking
things off one at a time. Thank you be studying math facts as we will continue with our
for your support and partnership. daily timed tests.

Science: We will begin our first Science unit focusing on the relationships between sound & vibrations.

Miss Reynolds:

Mrs. Ruiz: