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ACS Online Teacher Requirements

The chart below has an explanation of how 7th-12th teachers will use Renweb and

Google Classroom


1.) Post all homework for the entire week by 3pm

1.) Grades must be posted within 5 days of the
Monday. If you need to make changes throughout the assignment being completed. Homework/daily bellweek, comment on the assignment that you changed
ringers should be entered daily under Gradebook.
it AND post it in announcements.
Sample HW Assignments:
(post them separately and select a due date)
Tuesdays Homework (8/11): Act 3 pg. 22 # 1-8
Thursdays Homework (8/13): Review
Ch 1 Vocabulary
Friday's Homework (8/14): Complete the packet
that you were given in class. Only do the pages
that I told you to do

2.) If there is NO homework, post that in

Sample NO HW Announcement:

2.) Any conversations (phone/in-person/email) with

parents or students must be logged under P/T

3.)Post scheduled tests and quizzes as assignments on
Classroom and Google Test Calendar
Sample Quiz/Test Assignment:
10th English Quiz Wednesday 8/19 on pg 22
9th Science Test Tuesday 8/25 on Ch 1
*Assignments send all users notifications on personal
mobile devices and e-mails via G-mail.
4.) Post links of all websites/PowerPoints/videos/etc.
as Announcements.
*This is very easy if you use Google Slides/Docs

3) All emails to parents must be sent via RenWeb.

Under Setup, click Carbon-self to send yourself a
copy of the email