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Jesus Hidalgo, Tony Valencia, Karson Shipp

September 20, 2015

Como es el clima en: (Spanish) Grade 9
Description of Activity:
Students have been presented different ways of describing the weather with single words and
phrases. Each student has a reference sheet with different phrases that describe the weather as a
guide. With a partner, they will describe how the weather is like in the country or city they have
selected. The person whos the oldest will go first. After they describe how the weather is like to
their partner, I will randomly select a name stick and the person who is selected will have to
describe how the weather is like in their city/country to the class.
Objective: Students will be able to describe the weather using single words and phrases that will
be expressed verbally.
Common Core Standard:
Interpersonal communication, Novice Mediate, Standard 1
How Will I Assign Groups:
The students will select a piece of paper from inside a container. There will be a total of 24
little strips of paper. Each piece of paper will have a famous characters name. In order to
form a pair, students will have to locate the matching character duo from a TV series, movie
or cartoon. For example, if I have Bonnie, then I will have to locate Clyde. Or if I have

Clyde, I have to locate Bonnie. After, the students are paired up, the person whos the oldest
will go first in the activity.
Como es el clima en
Once the students have found their partner, they will sit through a brief presentation about
weather phrases in Spanish. The presentation will include visuals to assist the students.
During this presentation, I will handout a reference sheet with phrases. Once the presentation
is complete, I will bring out a small container with little strips of paper. These strips of paper
will contain different places around the world. For example if a student gets Antartica, they
will say to their partner En Antartica hace frio, which means In Antartica it is cold. The
person who is the oldest will go first. They will also get out a sheet of paper and draw a
picture detailing the weather. After, I will pick out sticks from the cup and the chosen name
will have to describe how the weather is like in their chosen city/country to the teacher(s).

How will you find your partner?

Who will go first in the activity?
What are you supposed to draw?
How will I choose a student to describe the weather to me?
Can somebody summarize the expectations for this activity?

Teacher will check for understanding and clarify any misunderstandings.

Materials needed:

Pieces of paper
Pen or pencil
Reference sheet

Projector & Screen