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English for Academic and

Professional Success!
USC American Language Institute

Get the language skills you need to be successful as a student and a professional. American Language
Institute classes will help you improve your English. Learn how to speak fluently, write easily and accurately, complete assignments faster, and get better grades.
The following elective courses are open to all undergraduate and graduate international students.
ALI 254: Advanced Oral Skills-(2 units)
This class is for high-intermediate and advanced level students who want to
communicate more fluently, effectively, and confidently in spoken English.
This class provides students with opportunities to work on the oral skills
needed for everyday conversations as well as class discussions and short
oral presentations.

ALI 255: Advanced Writing Workshop-(2 units)

Heres a good opportunity for advanced level students to write clearer, more
effective English for college-level purposes. In this class students receive
extensive feedback on multiple drafts of academic research papers with a
focus on improving vocabulary and grammatical structure.
ALI 275: Writing for Academic Publication and Dissertations-(2 units)
This elective course is designed to help international students with advanced
writing, including theses, dissertations, and papers for publication. The
course will cover conventions of advanced academic writing, and will address problems in syntax and vocabulary more common to written than to
spoken English. Students will work within the guidelines of the style manuals of their respective fields, on their own projects, and instruction will be
ALI 280: English Skills and Strategies for the Job Search-(2 units)
This course prepares international students for entrance and success within
the professional world. Students will learn how to create effective cover letters and resumes, create and maximize a LinkedIn account, develop effective interviewing skills, and more. Get the skills you need to help you have
a successful career at the job you want!

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