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When playing the recorder, we read notes that are written on the treble clef staff.
Each staff has five lines and four spaces.
Every line and space has a specific letter name.

When learning the names of the space notes, we use the word "FACE".

When learning the names of the lines, we use the first letter from each word in the sentence
"Every Good Bird Does Fly."

When we put the lines and spaces together, the notes move upward in alphabetical order.

Just because we have filled up all of the lines and spaces, it doesn't mean that we have
named all of the notes. Sometimes, there are notes that are printed above or below the
main staff lines. We can figure out the names of these notes by counting in alphabetical
(or reverse alphabetical) order. The most common notes for the recorder that are found
off of the main staff lines are Middle C and Low D.