With a deep sense of gratitude the investigators acknowledge all those who contributed significantly towards the successful completion of this research project. The investigators are highly grateful to Dr. Miguel Mangada, Dean, College of Nursing of STI – San Pablo, for his cordial and considerate attitude, valuable suggestions and cooperation right from the inception of the project, which have helped us in the completion of our thesis. The investigators feel at a loss of words while expressing our profound gratitude to our revered Thesis Adviser, Ms. Marison Magpantay. Her scholastic approach, meticulous supervision and constructive criticism have been the major guiding force that helped us accomplish this mammoth task. She has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. The investigators shall forever value her words of wisdom. The investigators are also grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Briñas for the accommodations and advices given for the treatment of data and for their invaluable advice and encouragement at every step. It is the privilege of the investigators to thank Ms. Ermilyza Villegas for editing and correcting the grammar of this thesis. It is also the investigators privilege to have had the opportunity to thank Mrs. Evangeline Gangay, librarian of STI San Pablo for allowing us to borrow thesis works that will help in our thesis.

The investigators would like to extend their deepest gratitude to be associated with all the research panel members: Dr. Miguel Mangada, Mrs. Emma Pamatmat for their co-operation, valuable suggestions and for providing constructive criticism during the actual defense. The investigators owe their special and deepest thanks to their friends and colleagues for their immense help and moral support. Heartfelt thanks to investigators parents for providing them with their constant support, understanding attitude, care and patience that can never be repaid. The investigators would like to thank the respondents’ full cooperation and willingness to be a part of the study. Above all, the investigators would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to God almighty for blessing them with the strength and ability to undertake and complete this thesis.

The investigators

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