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22 October 2015
For Immediate Release

The Liberal Government is After Your Guns Again!

NSW Shooters and Fishers Party MLC Robert Borsak today hit back at the Federal Governments
proposal to change the law to move already legal five-shot and seven-shot lever-action shotguns
from Category A to Categories B and D.
No compensation will be offered to those who have already legally purchased them under the
current regulations if they are reclassified, according to the proposal.
Its basically 1996 all over again, but without the compensation. The Federal Government doesnt
want to look soft on terrorism or gun crime, so they will happily go after law-abiding firearm owners
in search of a quick headline, Mr Borsak said.
Weve received word that the Federal Attorney-Generals Departments Firearms and Weapons
Policy Working Group met with Justice Minister Michael Keenan yesterday to discuss the future of
lever-action shotguns, Mr Borsak said.
Theyre proposing nationally that five-shot lever-action shotguns be reclassified as Category B
firearms; seven-shot versions be reclassified as Category D firearms, requiring an impossible-toget Commissioners Permit.
Since five and seven-shot lever-action shotguns are now classified as Category A, this will lead to
a national confiscation of once-legal firearms as they are arbitrarily reclassified.
NSW Police Minister Troy Grant rightly said in the Dubbo PhotoNews yesterday: ours is a
problem with illegal guns, not an issue with legal firearms or their owners. Minister Grants
Federal counterparts, however, are not following through with this sentiment.
To combat gun crime and terrorism, the Government should simply support my Bill for mandatory
sentencing for firearms used in crime. I have been trying to get support from the Government for
over three years but my requests have fallen on deaf-ears.
Another response would be to create a reward-system and amnesty for any black market firearms
surrendered so that we can get them off our streets. We also need more investigations by police
into the networks that hold and supply such illicit firearms.


Robert Borsak MLC

02 9230 2573