Music and what it means to me MUSIC IN MI LIFE Music is very important and interesting in our lives.

When you are in your house and you aren’t doing anything, you can listen to music. When you are going to cook the food, you can listen to music. For these reasons, to listen to music is important and is a different thing to do. In all places you can listen to music: In the sports centre, in town, when watching TV, in your house… In my life music is essential because I use the music for a lot of things. When I’m doing my homework I’m listening to music, when I need a relaxed moment I listen to music, when I go to sleep I’m listening to music. I didn’t care much about music before my favourite group called my attention some time ago. When this moment arrived in my life, I started to listen to this group, learn the lyrics of their songs and sing their songs. The songs are very beautiful and romantic. This group is in my soul, I love it. I don’t know why but this group impressed me. Now I’m going to talk about my favourite group, Jonas Brothers. Jonas Brothers is a pop/rock group. They have had a great success. When I started to like them, nobody listened to this group but one day Jonas Brothers were on the cover of one magazine and everybody liked them, it was a surprise for me. But in my opinion I think that the people only like them because they are very attractive, but I don’t think this is the most important reason to me, I like them because of their music. The music that they sing is very interesting. A lot of songs talk about girls and bad romances. Maitane Aragón MUSIC IN MY LIFE Hello! For me music is very important, I love it. I think that without music my life wouldn’t be the same. I always listen to music and when, for example, I’m angry or nervous; if I listen to music I forget everything and my mood changes. I like pop music, well, that’s normally the music that I listen to on the radio. I usually listen to the “40 Principales” radio program, in my opinion it’s fantastic. In it they put all kinds of songs that I like and with it you can know what the best songs are at the moment and other important things. My favourite groups are for example Amaral, Black Eyed Peas, El Canto Del Loco, Katy Perry... I haven’t got a favourite song because there’s always a new fantastic song, now I like a lot “I’ve gotta felling” (Black Eyed Peas) But not only did I like listening to music, I also like to play an instrument or sing. I play the trumpet but the wrong thing is that the songs that I play aren’t famous, they’re from a lot of years ago. I sing too. I have a game to the on the Play Station and I sing in it. I’m always singing when I am alone, well … I do it because then nobody is listening to me but when, for example, I’m in class, my partner has to tell me that I must stop singing because sometimes it’s annoying. For me it doesn’t matter the language of the song but I prefer in Spanish because I understand better what the song says. Well, without music I feel I’m nothing Edurne Urricelqui Goñi

Music and what it means to me MUSIC Music is a very important part of my life because I listen to music all the time. I like all kinds of music but I prefer one kind in especial: the Bachata. The only kind I detest is the music played by band named Metallica, and other like them. My favorite band is "The Kings of Bachata" (Aventura), because are the best Latin band. The members of this group are: Romeo, Henry, Lenny and Mickey. My favorite song is "our song" because is very sweet. I have never been to an Aventura’s concert because my parents don’t let my go. I like listening to the radio when I do the homework, in the shower, in the bus and when I’m making up. The thing I most like is to dance. I like dancing Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Regaeton, etc, but I never dance Metallica’s songs or others similar. I don’t have CDs because I listen to music on my mobile phone and in the computer. Yesenia Cevallos MUSIC Music has always been very important for me and it still is. It is a way to spend the time: it can be classical to relax or more active to sing or to dance. I find everyday a short time to listen to it. I prefer doing it in the computer. There I can find the lyrics and the music I want to listen to. On the contrary, on the radio, I can’t choose it. When I like a song very much, I usually look for the lyrics and listen to it again and again until I learn it by heart. I like songs from very different artists. The best are pop songs. If I have to say who my fauvorite artist is, I would choose Amaia Montero. In my opinion she is an excellent singer. For that reason I went to one of her concerts three months ago in the Baluarte, the concert hall in Pamplona. The concert was wonderful and after that I could take a photo with her! I don’t play any musical instrument, but I like the flute and the guitar. Naiara Irigoyen MUSIC I love listening to music. When I have free time I listen to the radio or a CD. Music makes me feel happy, it helps me to relax and I forget all my problems for a few minutes. But sometimes, when I have problems or I'm worried about something, music makes me feel sad. I like pop music but I haven't any favourite group or singer. I usually listen to The Script, Maná, Beyoncé, Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, April lavigne, The 5th Season... I don't like rock or rap music. In my opinion, these types of music are very boring. My favourite song is 'The Man who can't be moved' by Script. It is a very beautiful song about a man who is sad and he's waiting for his girl in the place where they met. A group I often listen to is Maná. It is a band from Mexico and they usually play songs about love. The group formed in 1987. There are some of their CD's, like :'Sol,Luna, Amar es combatir...' that I really like. The song I like the best is 'Bendita la luz'. Another song I like is 'Rayando el sol'. It is a bit old, but it doesn't matter.

Music and what it means to me I often sing karaoke with my family or with my friends. We don't sing very well but it is very funny!! Four years ago I went to a concert of Julieta Venegas. All the people were singing and dancing and it was a very special moment. I don't play any musical instrument, only when I was in first and third of ESO I played the flute at music classes in the high school. I can't live without music. I think that it is very important in our lives. Laura Valencia MUSIC Music for me is an essential part of me because music makes me feel well, helps me to forgot things and change my mood. In general I like all the kids of music, but there are some that I prefer and others I hate. I like Reggae, Ska (that is very similar to Reggae), rock, techno... I hate rap, Reggaeton, pop... I don’t play any musical instrument bur if I could play one, I want to play the drum. When I’m doing my homework, I like listening to music because it inspirits me to do things better. Sometimes when I’m happy I sing in the shower, not very well because I don’t sing very well and so I don’t like singing in karaoke. My favourite singer is Bob Marley. He’s my idol! His music helps me to relax. If you go to any part of the world, there’re always people who know about Bob Marley. My favourite song by him is "Buffalo Soldier" My favourite band is Ska-p. It’s a band from Vallecas, a neighbourhood in Madrid. This band plays Ska music. Their lyrics talk about the injustice, about abuses of the countries, about social issues, ... The band started in 1994 with the first single called "Ska-p". Two years later, in 1996 they released their second single: "El vals del obrero". One year later, in 1997 the third single "Eurosis". In 2000 "Planeta Eskoria". In 2002 "Que corra la voz". In 2004 "Incontrolable". In 2008 "Lagrimas y Gozos". I was the 15th of August, in 2009 in one of their concerts in Bilbao. Iker Ilundain

MUSIC´S IN MY SOUL I love music. Music is, for me, a way to express your feelings, your ideas, and share them with the world. I hear music every day; it’s with me every moment. It’s really important in my life. There are kinds of music that suit my mood and my character, and I’m always singing them (and boring my friends with my music). Well, I know that all kinds of music are the same, I know they mean different things and different ways of thinking... So my favourite kind of music is pop, and also some of pop-rock. My favorite pop-rock group is "The Jonas Brothers": Joe, Nick and Kevin, but especially the youngest of them, Nick Jonas. I love his voice and he’s my idol. The Jonas Brothers´ band started five years ago, when a producer discovered them. Before it, Nick sang alone Christian pop music; he had a CD, "Nicholas Jonas". As a group they have four CDs: "It’s about time", "Jonas Brothers", "A little bit longer" and "Lines, vines and trying times". The Jonas Brothers’ aren’t only a music band, they are also nice people, they are famous and millionaire, and they give

Music and what it means to me annually a 10% of the money they get to some ONGs that they have. Nick also talks and gives his help and his time to children that have diabetes, like him, and he gives them a message: Hold on and have faith, wait a little bit longer until you are fine!! Their music is for me a great way of thinking. They sometimes make me smile, and other times they make my cry, and their songs get to my soul. They sing about everyday topics, that are usual for everyone, they are close to the people that hear them. My favourite song is "Please be mine" and there are some lyrics in this song that are always in my head, like "I’ll be waiting for you till the end of time", "I can’t stop my heart from calling you" or "All our hopes and our dreams will come true". I also listen to other groups and I need to listen to music, is very important for me. I could not live without music because is a part of my soul. Irati Segura Torres

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